Wyclef Jean’s Keyboard Player Robert Vineberg ‘Fall Guy’ In Hoffman Investigation?



“Robert is the fall-guy. The drug dealer who sold Philip the ‘Ace of Spades’ and ‘The Ace of Hearts’ bags of heroin is still on the street.”

HSK Exclusive – Last night .. Robert Vineberg, who we’ve learned played keyboards for Wyclef Jean, was arraigned on ‘felony drug possession with intent to sell’ … allegedly to Philip Seymour Hoffman before his death. But have DEA officials REALLY nabbed their ‘Ace Of Spades’ heroin source?

According to our insider, the answer to that question may lie in very packaging of Hoffman’s heroin.

You’ll recall ..The actor’s apparent drug overdose led to the reported discovery of some 70-bags of heroin inside Hoffman’s West Village drug den. Sources say 50 of the 70 baggies were unopened, all of which were stamped with the street reference “Ace of Spades.”

Now.. let’s set aside the fact that Vineberg is a 57-year-old musician with known ties to the who’s who of Hollywood, which could explain why his phone number was in Hoffman’s cell. Let’s also set aside the anonymous tipster told cops ‘Hoffman had bought drugs from Vineberg in recent months’ … a statement many agree lacks details. And let’s even overlook the timing of Vineberg’s arrest which swiftly happened within 48-hours of Hoffman’s death, suspected to be an attempt to ‘satisfy the public.’ But no one can deny the details we’ve learned do NOT tie Robert Vineberg to the baggies found in Hoffman’s apartment.


“The brand of heroin Robert Vineberg sells is “Red Bull” and “Black List” … and the glassine bags found in Philip Seymour Hoffman’s apartment were labelled “Ace of Spades” and “Ace of Hearts.”

Here’s the drop:

“If Robert had even the slightest though that his glassine bags could have been in Phillip Hoffman apartment, he wouldn’t stick around to get busted. That’s for sure. I mean, if you were a dealer and you found out Philip Seymour Hoffman OD’d after he scored with you — would yo stick around to get arrested?

Robert is the fall-guy. The drug dealer who sold Philip the ‘Ace of Spades’ and ‘The Ace of Hearts’ bags of heroin is still on the street.”

Was one of the other three people arrested with Robert Vineberg NOT charged after the quartet’s arrests? Of course! Just ask the misdemeanor-charged club kid, and his DJ girlfriend — Max Rosenblum and Juliana Luchkiw.



  1. Stop blaming the drug dealer for the addict’s addiction. Its the law of supply and demand. People go into debt to acquire a college education and fail to grasp basic principals. PSH’s life was no more valuable than anyone else’s, especially since he wasted it.

    • Its all based on the racist society we live in. So where is Whitney Houston’s drug dealer? Why wasn’t he/she rounded up?

  2. I don’t know what’s worse, a drug addict with money or a broke drug addict. Hoffman was an addict and he bought what he needed. If he weren’t a celebrity no one would care about how his drug use. If these dealers didn’t supply the heroin, some other dealer would have. Instead of going after dealers, stop allowing that shit into this country. If Joe Blow down the street died of an overdose there would no arresting the dealers. This double standard is outrageous.

    • It is. PSH didn’t buy what he needed. No one needs 70 envelopes of heroin, unless they plan on dealing. I had no idea dealers provide syringes, either. So many things are being revealed about the drug culture that my non-using ass is clueless about.

      • To be fair, an addict is driven by a desire to be isolated with his drug of choice for as long as possible uninterrupted. If he has the monetary wherewithal to purchase a quantity which will enable him to stay indoors and use for weeks on end that is exactly what he will do. The quantity he purchased was meant to last him one week. Bella, that’s not an outrageous scenario at all(for an addict.)

  3. Yeah, the fourth person flipped.
    But, if he did not sell the dope, that is wack.
    NYPD at its’ finest.

  4. Just goes to show how messed up and addicted the Hollywood community is and it’s not just the actors, actresses, singers, rappers etc…. who are strung out either.

    The Hollywood lifestyle is deadly, that is if one chooses to participate in it. Sorry to hear of Philip Seymour’s passing.

  5. I wonder why the Government didn’t do an investigation into who sold Whitney Houston her dope?
    With Whitney, the police just said f*ck it.

      • The police never did a true investigation into the Whitney Houston death because some heavy hitters with connections to the big 6 Media Congolmerates were involved and the police were told to wrap that shit up and close the case and file it under ADN (Another dead nigga).

        • I think that one of the main reasons that Whitneys death wasn’t prosecuted further was that the family didn’t push for it. They knew some unflattering stuff would come out, there were people involved within her inner circle(hello Pat) and they just wanted it all to die down.

          I also think that the fact she was a known drug abuser by her own acknowledgement they were willing to let it go as that.

          I don’t think that the crafty Clive Davis was behind her death. That is the usual explanation, but he liked her, well as much as he likes anyone.

    • The BHPD, the Beverly Hilton… Ray J. physically came for the cops because they were making lewd comments about Whitney’s nude body.

      As much of a d-bag Ray J. can be, I appreciate that, if nothing else about him. That small, chivalrous action and that Louisville Slugger of his.

    • I usually balk at the conspiracies talked about around here but it really seems like the media and the authorities are up to something. They have blurry photos of some guy who looks a lot like PSH getting drunk in bars and nodding on a plane, what is the point of that?

  6. Saw PSH on a law and order from 91 where Sam Jackson was his lawyer. That was 23 years ago. He wasn’t fat yet. Early dragon chasin days

    • I don’t think he smoked it He was shooting it

      chasing the dragon is smoking tar on tinfoil and inhaling the fumes a lot safer, no OD’s but not intense either

      • He freebased coke, snorted H, then began shooting H. But the H use was recent. He was an alcoholic who had been sober approximately 23 years prior to slipping a year or so ago and having a drink at a party. One drink became a bunch of drinks. Then he fed his curiosity about H. Absolutely unreal.

        • You would be surprised at how hypnotically blissful the effects of heroin can be at the outset. many people are lured into its hell by its initial magic.

          Folks don’t start on dope so they can be strung out zombies the rest of their lives. They do it because it works. For a while.

  7. I just want to point out that all suspects were members of “the Tribe”, just the way the race of black suspects is always highlighted.

    • I shouldn’t LOL, but they were indeed “the chosen people.” You know Hebrews aren’t about to miss any money. They run porn. They run Hollywood. They’re pushers. Whatever keeps them paid because they lack a moral compass.

      • The Hebrews are black honey!Those whites whom call themselves Hebrews are nothing but Posers and the truth is out.Basically,the Masquerade is over.We’ve awakened to the truth.

        • Chile… Re-read your reply to me. No wonder people mistook you for being a woman. Referring to me as honey is beyond patronizing.

  8. Whitney’s case was dropped because of the power players that were in town for the event put a stop to it. The dealer was supplying others as well. They were probably supplying parties. The names of the real suppliers, and dealers would put a halt to every entertainment industry from California to New York. Being an entertainer can cause great depression and stress and mix that with clinical disorders and you have addicts.

  9. Didnt they claim Whitney didnt have drugs in her system when she died but only alchohol? The same as Amy Winehouse?
    Im confused. It all seem like a cover up to me

  10. my cousin od’d last summer, why the police not going hard finding his dealer… this rich, or famous and privildge shit needs to stop… so what, us common folk aint shit?

    f*ck the system, fuk it with 2 dirty diks

  11. What are we not really admitting to ourselves when we choose to focus on whether some dealer is arrested or not? Held accountable for the death of an uber celebrity, as if they chose to actively bring that person down?

    Where’s the moral culpability on the user, even a celebrated one like Philip Seymour Hoffman (please is the media in denial about his own culpability?) and where’s the culpability on society in general which lacks the courage to make real policy efforts to ‘arrest addiction’….and the trade it stems?

    Sure Vineberg may have misbehaved, but where’s due process and is he just a scapegoat, or a hapless washed up musician who got on the wrong side of the scene?



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