Yandy Baby Daddy Mandeecees Harris Molested 15-Year-Old Step-Daughter


Yandy Smith Mandeecees Harris Child Predator

Love & Hip Hop Reunion Hosted by Chris Hansen?

HSK Exclusive – Kirk Frost isn’t the only accused child predator Mona Scott-Young thought would be a perfect fit for her ratchet reality empire.

After months of hearing the rumors, they are now CONFIRMED! Yandy Smith’s baby daddy,  Mandeecees Harris, was arrested and is facing trial for molesting the 15-year-old daughter of his other baby momma.

Mandeecees (34-years old) is charged with performing various sexual acts with the 15-year-old girl and inappropriately touching her at his former home in Lodi.

Here’s what’s been reported by Kibret Markos of the The Record:

Jury selection began Wednesday in Hackensack for the trial of a hip-hop reality TV star accused of molesting an underage girl in Lodi two years ago.

Bergen County prosecutors allege that Harris asked for and received oral sex from the girl and fondled her on various occasions between September 2009 and April 2010. He was arrested later that year and charged with aggravated sexual assault, criminal sexual contact and child endangerment. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

Harris remains free without bail. He was not present in state Superior Court in Hackensack during jury selection Wednesday. Court officials expect to have a full panel of jurors by Thursday, and attorneys are scheduled to make opening remarks on Jan. 29.

“Love and Hip Hop” debuted in 2011, with the third season premiering this week. The show’s website on VH1 describes Harris as “a well-known name throughout New York City.” “Through the years he has been concentrating on his real estate endeavors, but now is focused on building an empire in the music industry,” reads his biography.

Harris owns Beat Factory studio in The Bronx and manages several New York City-based rappers, according to the biography.

January 9, 2013
by: Kibret Markos The Bergan County Record
Email: markos@northjersey.com


  1. Hey jacky,I,m on my way to whole foods to get some lemons and biscuits for this fresh brewed tea that just got made lol!

  2. 15 year olds have consensual sex with older men all the time. I don’t see any issues other than people forgetting that they were once 15.

      • This is not a fact mother should have mad more noisg, thet, if this was such a big deal, with so called molesting this is just a money thing another is just a baby mama trickery.

    • You knew what you were doing, but did you really?! Think back to being 15. There is no way you were capable of thinking things all the way through. Just because you may or may not have been hot in the ass, does not mean it’s ohk for an older man to take advantage of that. Let a 15/16 year old male sleep with 15/16 year old young females.

      • I’m so sorry that happened to you, however don’t you agree that molestation, can and often does lead to promiscuity! You may have “known” what you were doing as far as the physical act but there in no way that you were cognizant of the possible emotional damage and consequences of your actions. You got PREGNANT! You wanted to be a mother!? You were ready to get up at midnight and every two hrs after to feed the baby?? Or “you knew what you were doing” so you had the means to provide for a baby? I don’t think people were attacking you just your rationale. The length of time the molestation went on has no bearing on the validity of it being abuse! My daughters were both very age appropriate teenagers, not grown, not overly mature and I always questioned them, had lots of open talks and stayed my ass at home a lot because I didn’t want to have everyone babysitting just for that reason! ABUSED CHILDREN OFTEN DONT REPORT OUT OF FEAR SHAME OR THREATS. Remember a pedophiles first act is to mentally intimidate a CHILD.

      • I’m seriously sorry for what happened to you. I too was a victim of molestation. And just how you stated, I felt I wanted it at the time as well. Just because sex feels good DOES NOT make it ohk for an adult to take advantage. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CONSENSUAL SEX BETWEEN A MINOR AND AN ADULT. Just as the poster above asked, were you seriously prepared to wake up every two hours to feed or handle a baby just because sex felt good?! No. People get it twisted all the time. Just cause that girl was ohk with giving him head, does NOT mean it was ohk for him to receive it from her 15 year old ass!! That girl could have allowed him to run trains on her with his entire crew, and yet, that DOES NOT make it ohk for him to take advantage of that. He is gross and wrong for taking advantage.

        Again, at 15 there is no such thing as consensual sex. It does not matter how hot in the ass the participant is. Wrong is wrong and right is right. That age of consent is there for a reason.

      • what does ur teen pregnancy have 2do w this pedophile? was the father of ur child an older man? were u guys in a “relationship”. so many questions

      • She could have been scared to tell, or scared that her mother wouldn’t believe her and be ride or die for her bf. There are many explantations as to why she may not have come forward sooner. Still does not negate the fact that a crime was committed. Were you on SR?

    • I don’t care what she looked like or how agressive she is/was…he is the adult and he should have walked away.

      Regardless….it’s the law and most grown men having sex with underage girls (regardless if they look/act 18) are sex offenders. You are the ADULT…act like it.

      Men act like pussy is something new….

      • Gee- AMEN!

        Anonymous 9:33- speak for the hot pussy kids you know or were associated with. I was NOT fucking at 15 on the street of NYC!

        No one should place blame on the frigging child in any case! This 32 year scum bucket was the bf to her mother & the father of her sibling, maybe she had to perform those things to him. Nasty nigga whether he child consented or NOT!

        • I wasn’t fucking until after highschool. You’re right not all of us were hot in the pussy kids. Am I the only one who has calculated he started molesting her at 12? f she’s 15 now and abuse started in 2009, then she would have been 12!

          • I didn’t even think about that, but it further drives home my point! How do you at 30+ explain a 12 year old consenting to sex!? You cannot.

    • wow you should stay anonymous for that statement you just made. 15yr old girl is still a child and maybe you were having sex @ 15 BUT NOT ALL GIRLS DO WOW.

    • And if someone were to call the police “those” men would be in jail also…16 is the age of consent in most states…

    • @anonymous whichever one, consential sex of a 15 year old so she can do that shit with this big grown man..
      Just because your 15 does not make you have a mature mind to make informed choices that is in your best intreast, this man obviously groomed her over a period of time, also what grown man is going to be sleeping with that little girl..
      It sounds like if you had a daughter it would be ok to bring some big man up in the house and laying down with your daughter because as you say it’s consensual.
      The mans a predetor period , and if you agree that makes you a predetor two..

    • You should go straight to hell in a tight barb wired basket. You are a disgusting pedophile. I hope you don’t have children and God sees fit to render you fruitless because you are sick and do not deserve to procreate. With all of that said…, 15 year olds can not consent to sex just like they are not responsible enough to drink or vote. They are not mentally ready in this society to engage in sex with older manipulative, preying pedophiles. This leaves innocent children open to STDs including HIV or pregnancy among other things because they are not prepared yet to feel and see a person with very bad intentions.

    • C’mon are you freakin serious??!!! Did you let your step father impregnate you?! Stop it!!! Lets stop being dumb here… This was this young girls stepdad… He is the father of her little sibling.. It does not matter that the parents may not have been married that man was in a place where he should have been a father figure NOT a molester. I am not unrealistic about 15 yr olds having sex ..they do..shizz a lot of our grand or great grand parents were married and parents by that age. BUT it was a different society then…our Grands and great grands were much more mature and had a different understanding and respect for their bodies…hence the marriages to death due them part with grand daddy being the only stick granny EVER played with… Unless ur granny is a freak, then it’s a diff story. WAKE UP!! These dumb a$$ kids are not responsible enough to make a consensual decision to have safe and sacred sex, that’s why the cant vote or drink because normal people in society know kids are not the same …we all have worked hard to extend childhood and the time to nurture and prepare our children …it’s disgusting when a pig goes a violates what we all have done to extend innocence for a better world.

    • U the dumbest mutherfucker in da world to make a statement like that. U must was getting fuck by a 34year old man when you was 15? Stupid ass’s person

    • Your a dumbass first off.. Secondly 15 yr olds do dumb shit all the time and its for us adults to let them know its wrong! How much shit have you done at 15 that u regret or wouldnt have done at 25, 30?? What if that was ur daughter, would ur attitude be the same? You pass me as the type of person that could be paid to keep quiet, sad thing is there are so many ppl like you.. Its fucking disgusting the world we live in where ppl actually think this is okay. Your a loser 4real, dont have children and if u have any already I feel bad for them!

    • Ur a dickhead.. I use to steal at 15 and got away with it too.. My mother found out and fucked me up, I never stole again.. At the time I jus knew there was nothing wrong with it, now im like wat was I thinking.. Point is when ur young things seem so black and white, jus because u kno how to do something doesnt mean you kno what you’re doing! Ugh I dont like how u bitches be thinking, and then ya be raising kids #hopeless

    • I was 15 once, and not having sex with a 34 year old, your statement is ignorant! At 15 you are a child, even if you consent to the sex the adult is still a molester….You are seriously ignorant and probably a disgusting person if you believe a 15 can legally consent to a grown ass man.

    • It is still WRONG, IF THIS WAS YOUR Daughter, you would want his head on a plate & if you do not feel that way…GO GET YOUR HEAD CHECKED!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bitch shut up.. You dont think you jus make bad decisions and then try to excuse others bad decisions.. I wanna see u be this lenient when ur 15 yr old comes home pregnant by one of ya baby fathers!

    • DiD she Know?? thats whats Baffling Me so..
      If she Knew then she is just an Imbicile to the hundreth!

  3. I was also sexually abused around that age by a court officer in a family court building. Actually right in a vacant judge chamber.
    That negro had me perform a sodomy act on him.
    Yes i was a fast ass but for some dumb reason I thought if I gave a boy or man what they wanted, they would like me better as a person.
    In fact after it happened I mentally blacked it out until 25 years later when I finally told my Mom. I actually thought it was my fault that I was a fast ass and thought I was grown.
    To come to find out later in my life I never really like sex, and that I was not a hot ass, just a misguided young lady that ACTED fast and THOUGHT I was grown.
    Scientifically speaking a child or teenager brain is not fully developed until their mid 20s. That is why these laws are in place. It is also why its very important that a child or a young person have access to an adult person. Someone who they can confide in and can trust. Not someone who will call them a liar or a fast or a hot tail. Not someone who will judge them as a full grown adult. Thats why a lot of kids and young people do not trust adults today. There is no empathy shown towards them.

    • I’m also sorry for what you were forced to endure. It clearly was not your fault. That perv took advantage of you. But this is what I was attempting to convey in my first comment. Just because a child is fast or hot in the ass, DOES NOT make it ohk for an adult to take advantage of that. Instead of taking advantage of these so-called “fast/hot in the ass” girls/boys why not get them help or try to find them resources for help, hell, why not tell their parent/guardian?? It upsets me how some people are so insensitive to people when they are clearly needing help.

      • Right! No excuse… He knew she was a child even if she didn’t realize it herself. Shame on a nigga for being a predator instead of a protector…

    • @anynous
      I give you much respect for sharing your experience and understand fully no one can speak on your experiences except you..
      My sister time is a healer don’t ever blame yourself as this gives the abuser more power over you and your life, by sharing your story you may help others break that chain

  4. I’m not that type of dude to judge or cast stones at no one, but this ninja is SICK…. Ladies, this is a prime example why you gotta do background checks on dudes before you bring them around your kids, especially little girls. This brother needs help and alot of prayer.

  5. jacky just some small correction. im from and live in hackensack. the newspaper is called the Record and lodi and hackensack are part of Bergen County, not Bergan County. i noticed in the last so many years with nyc pushing ppl to suburbs such as bergen county and the great influx of carribeans and south americans (im an african american) to the county the number of stories involving molestation of minors has increased expnentially! whats up with that!

  6. We have a generation of females growing up on Kim K and BBW and other females becoming rich and famous because of “leaked” sex tapes and cellphone pics.
    Teenage girls are performing oral on guys just because he’s cute.
    A girl putting a guys’ penis in her mouth is nothing. All this internet porn,

    Your children know who Roxy Reynolds is.

    • Nightline did a story on this influx of overly sexualized teens; they were following a documentary on the affects of the Internet, music and videos: all of the girls were of Caucasian descent. One 13yr olds parents even admitted that they encouraged “sexual freedom” in their daughter because they wanted her to “feel empowered as a woman”…even the interviewer (a Mother of a teenaged daughter was floored). I’m nauseated by the fact that Mona Scott-Young, Yandy and Vh1 would choose to still film him knowing he had these charges….and please believe they ALL KNEW! They vet these people for insurance purposes and to add some ratings when there business goes public!

  7. no 34 yr old man should sleep with his 15 yr old step daughter. its wrong and nasty who knows how long its been going on and how many other kids he did this to. people wake up children are the future we need to protect them. but on tv he is a balla?

  8. Last season I use to think Yandy was fine as hell and had her head on straight,now she just look weird and this is the dude she was trying to keep a secret??And take this from a 42yr old man I know how these(some) of these lil young girls look and act,I got a whole bunch of nices all ages,But nomatter how they look or try and act they are not grown!Oh they fucken,cuss,smoke,drink,etc and think they know it all,talk to them for a good five mimutes and you can tell they still a child,hell even some 20-25 yr olds.I know some dudes don’t care because they looking at that body,but its just not wright and its aginst the law!And why is Yandy fucking with this lame as dude anyway??He just look grimy as hell!Oh dude going to jail and then going to have to register as a sex offender,if she stick with him they are goin to find it hard to find decent places to live.Yandy worth a few Million.I did my homework on her.

  9. Im more disturbed by the fact that he is the father of this CHILD’S younger sibling. That alone can lead to years of family problems. N i was fast n didn’t know better but i never sexed an adult til i was grown. If a child is ok wit sexing an adult there may be some underlying issues there (im not judging anyone on this blog) but this man is not only a pedo but likes to keep it in the family? Thats pretty sick. N i believe yandy knew. She clearly has issues of her own to reproduce wit this sicko. Wat if she had given birth to a girl?

    • Of course she knew. She either knew about it or she was just too stupid and desperate. Take your pick. Sorry but when I hear a woman says “I like a man with a little bit of THUG in him” STAY CLEAR. She obviously doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about and has issues. REAL MEN do Real things. Thugs do…well….read the headline again.

  10. I can’t believe some people are trying to justify this act. Screwing around with your 15 year old stepdaughter? The devil is alive and well.

  11. She is not his babies mother and D1 did not do this it was a butter bitch break up and so the end result was accusing him of this bs. P.s. Email me jacky

    • I totally agree, nooooow he on TV and with yandy nooooow her daughter was molested….im sure it will eventuall y come out that this is all a lie!!!!!

  12. okay, so I posted 3 comments, 3 different times, all erased, sooooo

    the mother is a dumb azz, just to have a man she will sacrifice her daughter? As for the molester, I hope he gets a very personalized definition of rape every day in Rahway State Prison. This under developed emotionally manchild is not an adult, even at 34, so he can’t deal with a woman so he preys on children, vulnerable children cuz if this is yo mama, it is a sad situation. I hope the child will heal.

  13. Lets just remember society determines the age restraints so 15 is considered “minor” here in the U.S. but in some countries there is no age limit that defines what an adult is. I said that to ask this…if the U.S considered the age 14 and up to be “adults” would you all still think that these sexual acts were not consenual?? #ImJustSaying

    • That is a perverted ass question to ask! It doesn’t matter what the age of consent is! At 14 no one is truly matured in the mind, no matter what they have experienced. Some states allow 16 year old’s to make adult decisions. Fact still remains that even at 16, the brain and mindset is still underdevelopment. And in those third world countries, those women are forced into most of those marriages and sex anyway.

      • It actually DOES matter, and why is a hyothetical question perverted? I agree that a 15year old does not have the mindset of an “adult” but remembering when I was 15, I was able to consent to things even if I didn’t know/understand the full consequences.

  14. This Anonymous 11;17;
    Thank u, @Choco, @Gig Ali, @Dickdame, @Prinex., @Rip,@Deluk and if left anyone out. Thank u so much. May God bless u all and keep u all and ur hearts. Thank you, keep me in prayers and good thoughts as I will u all. Thank u. Thank u Jacky

  15. This @11:17 Anonymous
    Thats y I luvw site, Jacky, U put them all blast. Man or Woman. Luv u for integrity.
    And u keep real with authencity without bias or shame. And u welcome ordinary people. Thank you again.

  16. A 15 year old knows what they are doing. They may not have the capacity to comprehend all possible consequences of their behavior, however, they do k ow what they are doing.

    These young adults are to be held to the correct standards. If you can be charred as an adult with a felony at the age of 15, why is it you suddenly must have been a child when it comes to sex? It doesn’t make sense to me.

    If two 15 year olds have sex no one bats an eye. If a 15 year old and a 17 year old have sex, then it’s illegal and the 15 year old is a ‘child’ that has been abused? Huh. That 2 year difference is all it takes? Still doesn’t make any sense.

    Enter a 30 year old adult and a 15 year old. Clearly this is wrong and the adult should be prosecuted as the pedophile that they are. However, if that same 15 year old had already had sex with a 15 year old and a 17 year old are they still viewed as a victim?

    None of this makes sense to me. What is clear is the adult should be held accountable for their pedophilic actions. But when teens have sex with other teens, I will have to take that on a case by case basis.

    Since so many parents have failed their children, failed to love them, failed to build their self worth, failed to show their children what respect is, failed to educate their children on what a healthy relations is, failed to show them positive romantic relationship looks like, and have allowed their children to become sexualized at very early ages, I believe that these you g adults should be held to young adult standards. Not the standards that are applied to 10 year olds.

  17. I’m not been funny but I watched the show again his azz look mutha fuckin gay two “sweeter than sugar honey suckle lamb” not only an alleged abuser, but them gay vibes seem like they wanna burst out all over the place sick man….

  18. These young slut buckets need 2 be held accountable for their actions as well, especially the ones who lie about their age. She probably saw her mom sucking dick b4. Her mom probably never tought her shit. Let’s assume her mom is around Mandeecees age. That means she had her daughter at or around 17 her damn self & at that age, u don’t know shit either. My mom didn’t teach me shit either, I had 2 teach myself. Instead of sucking dick at 14,I got a part time job. I didn’t perform oral sex on a man until I was well into my 20’s & I damn sure didn’t lie about age & date older men at 15. I could have because I was more mature than the average 15 year old therefore I decided 2 make a mature decision not 2. These young girls aren’t being raise with morals & standards. You know times has changed with a 7 year old gets a nicki minaj CD 4 Christmas.





    • But we’ll criticize older (usually career) women for waiting to have children and throw a baby shower for a pregnant teen!!!

      Our standards are beyond messed up!

      Parents today, especially these teens, are too damn young to be parenting ANYTHING.

      Kids are supposed to be loved, nurtured and PROTECTED but a lot (not all) of parents expose their children to the most fucked up circumstances.

      Having a bunch of mix matched babies by every tom, dick, harry and larry; bringing these niggas over their kids; raising their sons as “little pimps” and allowing their daughters to be too grown too fast.

      Then the real shit starts when the novelty wears off with the mama and these sick ass pervs start grooming the kids to take the mama’s place.

      IF Mendeesees is guilty they need to cut his dick off and hand it to him in jail.

  19. Yandy been with him for 6 years per her own claims….so was he cheating her his babymother and Yandy with this 13/14 year old step daughter….yeah they gonna lock him right up. You all can twist it anyway you want,but dude is a pedo ….

  20. The act is considered illegal whether consentual or not. HE knew the consequences so by doing It he unconscienciously accepted them. ***Every action has a reaction”

  21. Wow. Not cool. I hope Yandy did not know this information going into the relationship. hhmmmm. Teenagers nowadays DO take on roles and personas to appear grown and sexually sophisticated. However, a REAL grown man does not take advantage of that situation, does not take advantage of the young lady and does not betray the trust of the mother of this teenager!! Dude needs his ass whooped on three levels! I admire Yandy’s intelligence and she deserves a SOLID man. I hope she runs far from this dude.

  22. I know this is going to sound crazy but…….i am SO proud of the many posts on this subject. Do you all know how long the molestation of Black girls AND boys has gone unnoticed and/or never reported? We need to do more to understand the pain our race suffers from and the hideous conditions some of us just go along with to be loved or made to feel like we matter.

    Pedophiles come in all races. But our race seems to ignore or want to blame the victim. Our many broken families certainly out number the traditional family picture but dialogue like this shows that we are no longer afraid to question things today that were once taboo or swept under the rug.

  23. @choco … just because you knew what you were doing and for some reason you were I guess okay with it doesnt mean you can assume she did .. pls , dont play your role for everyone else .

  24. This topic makes me mad and the dumbass ppl tht comment, black ppl have sold all of their wits and morals for a dollar and 15 mins of fame, its disgusting and degrading!

  25. Just want to say that this punk is a creep and if he did that to that little girl. Carma is a b:;;: he deserves what ever he gets and he should feel ashamed of himself and I just feel sorry for his kids that they are going to have a child molester father, and live for the rest of their lives knowing that their dad is a molester..

  26. They’re 35 year old women and men doing dumb shit, however, because they’re an adult they are held responsible for thier actions. That is the difference between a 15 year od and a over 21 year old. He should act as an adult and know this is wrong no matter what that irresponsible dumb15 year old wants to do with him. He is the adult here and that is it- No Excuses