Yandy Reveals Mendeecees Harris’ Birthday Jail Pics


Yandy Celebrates Mendecees Birthday

“I put on the freak’em dress just for you.” ~Yandy Smith

Mendeecees Harris recently rang in his 35th birthday in the slammer. That’s why Yandy Smith mailed her baby daddy these pics … which he’s probably jacking off to.

Here’s Yandy’s open birthday letter to her lock-up baby Daddy:

mendecees harris jailhouse birthday

Though we can’t confirm where the former ‘Love & Hip Hop’ cast member is being housed (to serve a reported 15-year prison sentence), according to the Federal Bureau Of Prisons website Mendeecees Harris is “in transit” … almost one year after he turned himself in, January 24th.

“Harris along with two other men, his brother Tyrus Harris and Ronald Walker, are accused of transporting $2.5 million worth of drugs throughout Rochester and New York City between 2005 and 2012.”

mendecees harris mugshot

Here’s what Mendeecees’ attorney, Donald Thompson, had to say:

“He has not been found guilty of anything yet, much less sentenced.”


  1. y do women find pride in sticking by men in jail and girl bye get naked if anything he couldve used the computer in the prison library and looked at this shyt like all the rest of us.

  2. And this, ladies, is why you don’t want to get caught up with a man that’s living a life of crime.

    They eventually get locked up & want you to put your life on hold to “hold them down” while they’re locked up.

    • Girl, say it again for the hard headed ones!! And its such a shame when a girl has such a promising future. These women be ruining their lives for these men. He had his carefree fun. If the shoe were on the other foot, he’d already be f@cking somebody else. Imagine him letting her child by another man come and visit him on a weekly basis if SHE were locked up. She needs to wake up!!

  3. dating/marrying a prison dude is just a life of pure hell…not worth it…go find yourself a nice, clean living man who dosent frequent the jail cells.. yandy u will stay lonely at night huggin a pillow…leave this jailbird alone

  4. Foolish bitches have so much advice for yandy..should mind their f*ckin business how she chooses to live and who she chooses to look after is her decision

  5. I watched her reality show a few times Aand I’m very confused on why she is going to bats for him so hard..He treated her as if he really didn’t waant to be with her but yet he made her stronger and God blessed him as her bestfriend #blankstare Dang girl God must really hate you..No offense to anyone but what’s wrong with the black women of NYC and Georgia!! Why do you women take such pride in being baby mama’s and hardship??!! I’m so confused!! What is up with all the poetry you fill your hearts with for men who clearly don’t love you or respect you,its almost like you guys have been brainwashed in some way it crazy to me!!and Geor


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