Yandy Smith Blamed For Spilling Kimbella’s Tea!


Kimbella vs. Yandy

Rotten Apple Antics?

HSK Exclusive – Yandy Smith is being fingered out as the person to blame for leaking Juelz Santana and Kimbella’s recent eviction notice, which was exclusively obtained and published by HSK (you can still see the HSK watermark on the MTO version).

This news comes as Smith’s baby daddy remains at the center of a child sex predator case, set to soon go to trial. That’s why a source exclusively tells HSK Smith was looking to distract attention away from Mandeecees Harris by spilling the tea surrounding her fellow Love & Hip Hop cast members.

We’re told the issue at hand goes far beyond Yandy simply spilling tea, as the cut cast member is said to have once been tight with Kimbella. Sources say that’s why Yandy – who often went clubbing with Kimbella – knows much more than she’s revealing, and is said to be holding that info over Juelz Santana’s head.

Here’s the drop:

“Santana don’t live at that spot no more, but he ain’t living at his mother’s house. Juelz ain’t broke. That bullshit was made up by somebody who wants the heat off them. The camp suspects the rumor was started by Yandy.”

Was Kimbella Vanderhee taking to Twitter to whore with one of Julez Santana’s homies? I don’t know, but next time I see Vado, I’ll ask him.


  1. As the Hood Turns.

    There is nothing that Yandy can do to distract the blogs (cause no other media gives a shit about this nonsense ) from the fact that Mandeecees was having sex with. 13 year old.


  2. Like i told ppl he ain’t broke.. If u know anything bout that Harlem clique, ppl would know this.. Whole buncha old ppl believing what they read without prior knowledge of who dude is..

  3. Juelz isnt broke he has his handing in some other activities where he gets plenty of money from. This I kknow for a fact because my ex and him are close. The eviction is indeed true but not for reasons in which the media is making it seem.

  4. Yandy ain’t shit,I heard mandeecees is working with the Feds too,juelz needs to get away from Kim,vado and manfeces !

  5. But how do you look coming on here defending a woman and I say that loosely that’s with a pedophile?

  6. Honestly I could care less bout Lz.. I jus kno for a fact that Vado and Most Hated are sum real dudes.. Now kindly remove urself from my sack.. Prolly some broke ass bitch who barely keeping her nappy ass head above water lol.. Old ass hater

  7. So Yandy is protecting this sicko!?! If she had any sense she would of remove herself from him all together although with a baby and all not sure how that’s gonna work. Reminds me of that story that was out about that guy that touched his niece inappropriately and the wife was defending his ass. Then the wife goes on to say that he admitted to having thoughts of doing it but hasn’t acted upon it. Like that makes it ok.

  8. i know mandeecee well an hes a really good dude i dont think that he messed around with that little girl if they had proof that shit would have been put out there

  9. People knew Jerry Sandusky well also
    A lot of child molesters are vouched as good people amongst their peers
    Only ones who know the truth is God, the teen and Mandeeces. I dont know what happened but i doubt this charges came from out the blue.

  10. I don’t think yandy is feelin manfeeces, I think she is lookin for someone else because she really wants Jim j, if she was happy in that relationship she would never be jealous of Chrissy. I was shocked when she said that she had a man because I swore she was jimmy, then I saw manfeeces and then it made sense, manfeeces is a broke bum and could never be jimmy! That is why she is jealous of Chrissy!

  11. She is in a relationship just to say that she is in a relationship, but she ain’t feelin the dude she with! Yep that’s yandy, she likes Jim jones!

  12. I feel bad for Kimbella. I think she is misunderstood I really do. I did not care for her character on love and hip hop when she first came on. However over time I saw her as basically getting dogged by everybody. I think she is a good strong woman who needs seek a relationship with a good man who is not in the business. She deserves to be happy. From having watched the show, it seems she has had alot of obstacles in her family to overcome. She needs to keep her head up and stay strong for herself and her children

  13. Juelz not living with his mom’s and he damn sure bit broke my family and his family are very close