Yandy Smith Breaks Silence Over Mendeecees Harris’ Verdict


Yandy Sticks By Her Child Molesting Man

Just days after Mendeecees Harris was acquitted by a jury of molesting a child, Yandy Smith says she’s “devoted to empowering women and helping young women to aspire to accomplish and go after their dreams”.

The Love & Hip Hop original cast member has released an open letter to “Everything Girls Love” – revealing she’s standing by her reported dough boy, and onetime charged child sex offender — as she takes it back to business as usual.

Here’s Yandy Smith’s open letter to the public about her dysfunctional baby daddy, Mendeecees Harris:

“To My Supporters,

The past few weeks have been some of the hardest days, hours, and minutes of my life. I found myself torn between a man that I know and love, and an accusation that makes me sick to my stomach. I hoped and prayed that someone I loved so dearly could not be guilty of such a disgusting and shameful act… I hoped, but I did NOT assume. I chose to stay silent until I was able to hear both sides and form my own opinion. I went to court every single day; I listened intently to the case from both sides ready to face whatever truth was revealed.In the end, the truth is Mendeecees Harris may be many things, but he is NOT guilty of the heinous accusations made against him. I won’t get into much detail because at the other side of this is a young woman that regardless of the outcome, remains broken. I pray that she is able to move past this and realize her full potential and I pray that the world is able to accept that in this case justice was served. As a woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and a human being, it breaks my heart when I hear of crimes committed against children. There is nothing worse than offenses against those whose lives are so precious and who look to us to guide them and help them understand the world. Children that are abused are robbed of their innocence, their childhoods, and their self-esteem. They’re robbed of their optimism and dreams and forced to see the evils of the world before they can see the beauty.My life has been and will continue to be devoted to empowering women and helping young women to aspire to accomplish and go after their dreams and because of this, I would never knowingly or willingly support or condone any behavior contrary to the very things I stand for. I am so thankful to the people who supported us and stood by our side through what was an extremely overwhelming and challenging time…To those of you who have supported me, prayed for me, and did not pass judgement, I want to say THANK YOU. Your prayers and support have helped me through a very difficult time. I have worked very hard to build a reputation based on hard work, loyalty, and perseverance. The faith, values and ethics that got me to this point in my life are stronger now than ever before. My personal life has been a roller-coaster this year, filled with highs and lows, and I’d be lying if I say I have it all figured out. I don’t. I’m giving it up to God and I’m leaving it up to him to guide me in the right direction as he’s done many times before. In the meantime I’m going to focus on what I do best, business. After all, they don’t call me a “Hustlapreneur” for nothing.

With Love”

Now, we wanna know what you all think. Is Yandy delusional for reppin’ a man – and father – who was once charged with such unspeakable allegations?

What are your thoughts?


    • Sorry sister don’t know how long the two of you been together but ya baby daddy soon to be husband has an ugly pass. I’ve been in Hagerstown Maryland for many of years and ya boy loves dealing with young girls. Please ask anyone in Hagerstown about ya baby’s daddy and they’ll all tell you the same. Lock the kids in the house when he’s around. Sorry yandy.

      • Your disgusting, how dear you speak like that. You don’t know him you don’t his history only hear. I think to remember you are NO ONE and NOTHING. To judge anyone only MY GOD CAN. BE careful of the words you choose to speak about people you don’t know because one day someone (and I hope they do) will judge you. Your disgusting

  1. The irony…..
    I have a hard time believing this chick manufactured those accusations out the sky…
    If he did indeed do it I hope karma catches up to him…

  2. “NOT guilty” again he was Acquitted.No one knows if he’s guilty or not except him and that little girl.

    While I’m here I just want to say f*ck the black Hebrew Israelites.Cultural appropriation is for true n*ggers.bunch of west Africans trying to be anything but.Same goes for Jamaican Rasta’s.For all of your moral posturing, your self hatred and self destructive ways makes you a laughing stock.Yes we laugh at you with the rest of the world.

  3. Aquitted does not mean guiltless…therefore he could never touch me again and I could not be in a relationship with him. I would always have that doubt in the back of my mind and images . Yandy you have a strong gut

  4. he has too much bs going on…he beat the molestation charge but still have to go on trial for the trafficking charges…

    Accused of molestation
    Accused of trafficking heroin and coke

    Yeah this MF is a keeper…FOR YANDY DUMB ASS…

  5. She believes the girl…. On one of the episodes of Love & hip hop, Mendecees asked her when they start trying for a girl… Let’s see if Yandy will partake..

  6. I’m going to say this coming from a female who was molested by her uncle when you are voilated you remember the place, the time, the day when that violation took place. When this young girl of 19 couldn’t remember I stopped believing her. That is something you never forget. I’m 36 and I remember everything my uncle did to me when I was 8&9 years old. So for her to say she couldn’t remember what he did to her 4 yrs old nah I don’t believe her. You always remember the truth its the lies you have a hard time remembering! Whatever this child is going through I hope she gets it together.

    • I agree with you black beauty. I was sexually abused by a friend of the family when I was 6. I just turned 32 and I still go through it. I get the creeps thinking about it now.

        • I’m going to have to disagree, for the simple fact that not everybody is the same …
          I for one, pushed that nasty experience so far back in my memory that I didn’t remember it for yrs.
          And I also believe it matters if it happened once or if it was recurring abuse that happened over and over.

          I hope this girl and every woman sharing their experience on here will eventually experience healing.
          You will never forget, but it does not have to play over and over in your thoughts and memory.
          God heals ALL wounds!!!

          • Yeah God heals all wounds if you let him and no-one really knows how to let him or stop the torture from playing in the mind.

            It’s not taught in text books or preached over the pulpit -the counselors most of them have no common sense most of them are just their for the pay check.

            Trauma or sexual abuse is instead masked in some many ways, promiscuity, drugs, silence or stuffed in denial -, make believe or pretend it never existed or like you said pushed back in your memory but the mind never forgets.

            I Hate stuff like this but it’s the way of the world.

          • You are right the mind never forgets and all kind of mal-adaptive behaviour starts.

            I am disgusted with family members know that there is a pedo amongst them and do nothing about it.

            It is even worse when people blame the victim who cannot feed, provide, drive or live by themselves because they are dependent minor children.

            And the women who stay with these men…even leave their children in the system for this POS…

            God help us…if one touch my kid and dont care if it is 20 years later, lets just say he/she wont do it again to another child.

        • No you sure don’t! She wanted a piece of that tv check and if it did happen, she was cool with it and now wants a piece of that tv check. Her being cool with it doesn’t make it right but these fass tailed heffas messing with these old men when they are tweenies and teens know what they are doing—being fast!

    • That’s why I’m glad I’m not on a jury because some one doesn’t remember doesn’t mean that they are not telling the truth and people like you may cause an guilty person to walk-

      People think one track mind we can have the same experience but may react in a different way because we are all individuals.

      Open your heart and view all sides- If some one spit in your face-what would your reaction be? Would you spit back or punch back or turn the other cheek.

      Some one may walk away but that doesn’t mean he or she is not angry or didn’t get spit on.

      My point is WE ARE ALL INDIVIDUAL and we may not react like we think some one should- it doesn’t mean that injustice didn’t happen.

      Some people are raped in silence without resistance -while some fight for their life.

      I’m not saying this in a mean spirit-(smile)

    • i agree with you. something that major is unforgettable. the time day and place. i been through it too. and it’s never hard to remember anything about that memory but yes like you said it is really hard to remember the lie you told. i cant believe how quick people jump to believe accusations without knowing both parties and their backgrounds.

      • a lot of people don’t remember the exact day they get abused.gtfooh with your foolishness.just because someone’s experience was different than yours doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.what is the matter with black women like you?God, if I bet a million dollars on who would be the first to show up for a black man accused of anything I would always put my money on a damaged black woman and would always win.

  7. I won’t say she’s lying just because she couldn’t recollect specific dates and times. Some people are so traumatized they block the event. People live in denial because the pain is too much. Plus we don’t know how the questions were phrased. You have rape victims who can’t remember the guys face or what he wore. Ijs I believe her. Mandeces look like a perv anyway.

  8. Black beauty I agree I was molested also at 15 by an in law of a relative im 30 now but I remember that ish I remember was he did and his smell and if mendeccee really did it and have us fooled it wkll come to light soon because when I told my family they believed me and surprisingly his wife was calmer than a mother but her family didnt believe me… Being dumb family didnt press presscharges 6 months later dude was in jail for sexual conduct of a minor he has two cases now those same in laws are shocked and give me no problems…. wife divorced him after the 2nd case

    • I made a comment on this before on another post on this site and someone came at me because I said most child molesters don’t get caught with their first victim there usually others. Like your situation and mines my uncle touched other family memeber as well. But in Mendeecees case with him being on TV no other person came foward and accused him of these crime. But you know I pray for this child because something is definitely wrong in her life. I hope you and the others have found so healing. I know for myself talking about it releases the pent up anxiety I get about it sometimes.

      • your right most dont get caught, but whats more messed up is the relatives who know and ignore do nothing about it. I too was molested by a close relative who not only touched a few other members but raped one while babysitting her while he was in his teens. Ppl try to ignore it and think it won’t happen again and it’s just sad and disgusting.

      • Blackbeauty I agree, in many cases, the person is a serial abuser. But in some cases, it is a “crime of opportunity”. He was living with the girl in the same house and apparently, her mom was not around frequently.

        I do have to commend Yandy for stating she had doubts but wanted to hear both sides. And for staying in the background during the trial. Some women would have been in front of the cameras daily, screaming “my man ain’t no molester”

        Anyway, blackbeauty, I’m happy you found a positive way to help you heal. Your somewhat public purging will also help others who have gone through the same thing.

      • you cannot be serious.just because her situation was differen than yours doesn’t make it untrue.You do not know every person that has ever been abused.There stories and beliefs about pedos vary.

        You are not speaking for the masses or most just because it happened to you.Get a clue.

        • @tisme I disagree, 9 times out of 10 a victim is going to remember every detail about her attack or abuse. A person may push it out of their mind for sometime but it will eventually show itself. Whether he did this or not we do not know because we were not there. But God knows and He is the only one who he will have to answer to anyway. I will say for myself even after years passed before going to trial I still remebered every detail there was about my rape and 25 years later I still remember every detail all the way down to the exact time. People can block things but the things that was done to them is not going to be easily forgotten.

  9. sounds like she trying to convince herself tht he didnt do this…..I mean didnt she say she had doubt,I think its sad. The victim is the girl who was molested…once by the mothers boyfriend….secondly by the media. Why Yandy even have to speak on this issue at all.

    • I think he admitted to having sex with the girl, Yandy know how sometimes these groupies for artist and drug dealers. But is with Mom, cause me as a man aint let anyone near my daughter

  10. Why is she writing the letter? Her man or baby’s daddy but not husband should be writing the letter. SOME ONE HELP ME OUT HERE!

    I don’t know the facts but If he had sex with an underage girl that’s STATUTORY RAPE- even with her consent.

    Just because he’s acquitted doesn’t mean he is not guilty but the jury said he’s INNOCENT and their is nothing no one can do about that.

    I hate stuff like this-It’s so many games both women and man plays-

  11. Yandy is just trying to “save face” personally Im willing to bet that she is grieving up something terrible behind closed doors. She’s not gonna be with him much more longer. Once reality kicks in and she has appropriate time to digest it all, that woman is gonna go through some changes.. She’s just easing her hand out of the lions mouth right now, she is gonna break for a getaway though you can bank on that.

    • In fact, we need to pray for her and the young lady. Because what women can swallow down her man being accused of that type of stuff. The same man who look you in the eyes and say I love you, the same man you receive with your body and allow to impregnate you just can’t be the same man who is stealing dreams, robbing minds, destroying spirits, contaminating perfection, shedding innocence and planting worms in hearts… Yandy is in a devastating place right now in life. And that young girl has got a long row to hoe. If she Is determined she can do it though, hopefully she’s not too mentally perfunctory to work on her long row.. Idk though, those are just my thoughts about it.

  12. I hope this Mendecees POS gets raped in federal prison — where he is sure goin’, karma is a byotch!

  13. @wiserwords I totally agree…..I can’t stand an ignorant ass that says that’s my man he didn’t do it and then have egg all over u. I commend them both actually for the way they handled these accusations. I, personally, am not a mandeecees fan….I shall keep my opinions to myself but something is amiss. And as a woman from the hood, I can much rather deal with a dude that has done time for hustling than being a child molester. As far as the young woman who was the accuser, she does need some kind of professional help to deal with whatever it is she’s going thru. I read somewhere, he brothers and mother knew, were they there to support her claim? And if they weren’t….y not? Child molesters very rarely go free when brought into the court of law especially if the accuser is convincing enough to sway the judge and or jury. If dude walked its most likely because he’s really innocent.

  14. I remember a story about a yte woman who had a 3 years old son. She was in middle of a divorce battle with the child father but she had custody of her son. She brought to the judges attention that the child father was possibly molesting the child. She also presented evidence from the hospital and staff.
    Upon hearing the accusation and evidence, for some odd reason the judge decided to give sole custody to the father. It was so sad. She ended up running away in hiding with her child with some help from an organization.
    Sometime the system do not work.. Even for caucasians.

  15. I just cant wait for the true judgement day of the Most High. In that day it wont be any slick talk or any cliches. There will only be REAL truth, justice and LIGHT.
    I agree with your reasoning @tisme. Sometimes I just cant understand the so call logic of l adult thinking.
    I give young people the benefit of the doubt because their brain isnt fully developed until their early 20s. Or they either mimic the behavior of the adults around them. Righteousjudgement.
    I guess thats the difference between God and mammon.

  16. I must confess i did not know the extent of sexual abuse in our community until so many of you have shared your experiences here on HSK. My heart goes out to you. I have no knowledge of any in my circle so this has been an eye opener for me. It now raises the question in my mind of how big a factor has this past abuse been in why black men and black women cant seem to get along? Dont mean any harm. Thats just how my mind works.

  17. I totally agree with those who say u don’t forget. Its something i wish i could block out. it happen twice by 2 different uncles. i told my mom and aunts the first time they did nothing. so when it happen again i felt whats the point no one will protect me. so i stayed quiet. Im 33 yrs old. i barely told my dad last month and lucky one of them is dead….i begged for him to not say anything. i told him let the Lord deal with them. my mother included..Lord help that young women with all her trials. it would be so wrong if she did make this all up..prayers go out to ALL families

  18. Honestly I can’t say I agree or not because I wasn’t there, but I can say that family supports one another right or wrong. If Yandy loves that man and feels that he is innocent and decides to stand by him; then I wish her the best of luck. People are so quick to say what they will or won’t do but we all have our skeletons…

  19. I am so sad to read how many of the women on this thread were sexually abused… I never realized how often this happens. I have never been molested or raped as a child but was surely abused mentally and physically. I never forget! Infact, I tend to remember the abuse more clearly than I remember the good times in my childhood ( in which I’ve had plenty). I find that you cannot truly block traumatic events, because all it does is manifest themselves in other ways. And once our minds cant no longer re-direct those toixc thoughts, then we decide to remember. But only because we have no other choice. So how can she forget?!

    It must be tough for Yandy becauses once the oven has been cracked open, you can’t stop the aroma from seeping out.. Sleeping with an accused molester is no f*cking joke, acquitted or NOT!

    On another note: I truly believe that rape and molestation and abuse has run RAMPED in our communities and for so many decades, due to mental and sociological issues. And as a result, the African Amerecian community has been left astrayed in. This Surely adds to our already oppressed mentalities and helps us to grow into a more desolate community. I hope and pray that one day it will be better for us all and we finally get ourselves a piece of the pie that we have always deserved.