You Can Thank Shyne for Jennifer Lopez’s Career


Did Shyne Do the Time For Save Jennifer Lopez’s Life?

In a recent interview Shyne said he saved Jennifer Lopez life during the 1999 during club shooting which landed him 9 years behind bars and being deported.

Here’s what Shyne had to say:

“I wasn’t thugging and bugging that night, you dig. I was actually the best behaved because I don’t drink and I don’t smoke. You dig? But I’m from the streets so when it’s time for my hammer to go off, it goes off. Somebody was getting ready to pop ol’ boy’s head off.

[There] might not have been no Jennifer Lopez movies or none of that if I didn’t pull my ratchet and squeeze off. I saved all of our lives.”

Did P Diddy recently renege on a promise to Shyne, after claiming he has connections to get him back into America after being deported? Of course he did. Don’t believe me.. Ask Capricorn Clark.

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  1. jlo was’nt thinking bout his azz and oh yeah she went back to latino.

    shyne is the biggest idiot in the world he saved 2 people and all he got was 10 years behind bars.

    f loyalty puff forgot about him and is still making money off him to this day.

    the hell with jlo she does’nt do black music remember.

    • “Black music” ? stop lying to yourself. No such thing as “black music” We’ve dabbled in and had a hand in inventing/innovating SEVERAL genres from Rock N Roll, country to hard rock and even several AFRO-Latino influences. Don’t believe the BET/MTV myth that all “black music” is Rap/Hip Hop/R&B. Don’t forget Whitney Houston & Michael Jackson were Pop innovators. Jimi Hendrix forever changed rock music and music in general. “Black music” is any f*cking thing we decide to play/create to be quite honest. Pigament doesn’t restrict you to or block you from certain genres. Don’t be ignorant.

      • one time when jlo was dating ben affleck she made that statement she did’nt do black music.

        when we all know she started as a flygirl and a backup dancer for rappers.

  2. I heard Jennifer was strapped that night, but Shyne caught a charge for her and Fluffy because they were both stars. Shortly after that incident, Jennifer posed on the cover of a magazine wearing a scarf and a fedora, with her fingers pointed at the camera as though she was holding a gun.

    Shyne was a fool. I can vouch for him not drinking. I saw him at the Century Club before he was incarcerated. He didn’t have a drink then. That was around the time he was linked to Kelis.

    As wrong as Fluffy is, Shyne got in his own way. He has always been extremely arrogant. He had one foot in Orthodox Judaism and another foot in the club. Had he stayed his Black ass at home that night, he would’ve had at least a 2nd album. He probably never would’ve been reported. There was a million dollar bidding war over Shyne. It’s unfortunate, but his time has passed. The game doesn’t want him anymore.

  3. Love Shyne Period> He was dope still is and Puffy is a nasty little Fandsworth Bently homo disgusting ripping off his artists if they don’t suck his herpes ridden dick. Puffy is a fucking disgrace to hiphop a nasty man that turns out straight rappers to force them into homo liasions – I would at this point say ask… but the list is too long.. Ummm Mase, Black Rob, Shyne, Gdepp, Jada, 112, Young Joc, Young Jeezy, Justin Beiber..the list goes on he is the devil and will get his. And Yo Puffy! We all know your knee pad charle:Put on your gloss and come prancing out the closet you nasty man.Oh and we all know about you and Kevin Lyles/Stephen Hill/and the rest – don’t believe me ask Terrance Dean

  4. farnsworth used to kill me trying to play straight.

    112 filed a restraining order against puff when they left bad boy for deef jam were they that scared only abused women file restraining orders.

    craig mack, g dep, and black rob were strung out on crack their dreams gone.

    puffy might be bad but record ceo’s all of them has a bad history of ripping off artists puff’s not the only one doing it.

  5. Stop with share the blame crap “other ceo’s” this article was about who? Ok..the whole industry is the devils playground..if the info is out ..we call names and expose them to the sheep who can’t comprehend they are getting played..& worship these lost fools..