You Decide! HSK Readers To Name America’s Top House Negro 2012…


America's Top House Negro 2012

Who Will The “Behold Buckwheat!” Crown Go To This Year?

With the end of the year fast approaching, the time has come to name America’s Top House Negro for 2012!

As many of you may know, the 2011 reigning champ — who currently holds the “Behold Buckwheat! trophy is Herman Cain.

Previous recipients include Stymie, Juan Williams, Debra Lee, Lionel Richie and James Earl Jones. Now, we want you to vote for who you feel is this year’s most deserving recipient of the sell-out crown!

Please take a few moments to reflect on the past year’s set of events and the people who may have proved themselves to be some of the worthiest Uncle Tom’s — like house Negroes who used the N-word to stick up for Gwyneth Paltrow, or (how can we forget) the Oscar Award-winning actor who’s in Quentin Tarantino’s corner as he looks to land another Academy for his leading slave portrayal.

It’s gonna gonna be a close competition. Know why? Because this year’s house Negros were running wild!

We watched them in fierce action — as Eddie Murphy took to Tinseltown with his new beard, 33-year-old Australian model Paige Butcher….we cringed when reports revealed Halle Berry’s hubby called the Oscar Award-winning actress the N-word, leading Gabrielle Aubry to cash in under court order, despite his beat-down…and, Kayne West shocked the world as he sported a skirt with matching leather legging — pushing for the next generation of brothers to do the same!

We want all of our HSK readers to let us know who you want to be awarded the “Behold Buckwheat!” trophy. The winner will be named on Friday…


    • Co-sign re: Ice-T. I nominate Shaunie O’Neal. That ho forgot she was an administrative assistant before she hopped on the Shaq Express. I actually thought she had class. She TOTALLY blew her cover on BBW. She is ignorant, classless, trashy and any b*tch who hangs with whores is a whore, IMO. Guilt by association.

      • @Bella-shaunie is a whore for real-no joke!! She was married when she got with shaq to a minister i believe. Shaunie knows how evelyn and the rest of the open legs pussy punani posse gets down cuz she was one of the founding members! Yeah old miss ankle grabber o’neal got where she is the old fashioned way-she deepthroated and flat backed her way to the middle. I’m surprised you didn’t know this considering you’re a regular here at hsk. And you thought she had class huh? You must’ve been watching those reunion specials where she sits and acts all demure while everybody cat fights and argues. Well now you know.

        • Tell the truth and shame the devil. I know her and her ex husband. Once a hoe, always a hoe. You cain’t make a hoe a housewife…

    • I was going with Jamie Foxx because the Foxxhole has been playing him interviewing Quentin Tarantino 24×7. After reading yours, I so agree. I can never look at that man the same way since I heard. My vote is for MORGAN FREEMAN.

    • Nas? Why? Because of his tax situation, or his lowering himself to collaborate with the likes of Nicki Minaj and Tyga?

    • I don’t think of Nas as a house negro. Russell Simmons comes to mind with his many european girlfriends, blood sucking rush cards (pretending to care about the occupy wallstreet movement), and n-word defending self. Shameful…

      • There is a toss up between Ice-T and Russell Simmons! Ice-t rode the backs of many blacks to the top and what does his sell out ass do: marry a white woman who has a serious trickin past! ! He came up pretending to be a gangstas rapper/radical brotha who was about the unification of his african american people! They allowed him in the house and the nigga forgot about the field hands! Russell Simmons self hatin negro don’t value sistas at all. The nerve of him always trying to come out in support of black causes! Wow…His crediability is less than zero! Captializing off of the black community and ALWAYS with EUROPEAN women! WTF RUSSELL? SELL OUT.. I hereby recommend the the buck wheat award goes to RUSSELL SIMMONS AND ICE T!

  1. I KNOW ! I KNOW!
    Robert “RG lll” Griffin ole Republican voting bitch ass!

    Tiger Woods.. “I don’t consider my self to be black”bitch ass!

    Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornell West because they think The PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (Mr. Obama) is only suppose to help black ppl, instead of helping EVERYBODY who’s struggling America. Selfish/stupid niggaz! them and every other African American who didn’t vote demarcate !

    Every “black” or should I say dark skinned person working for fox news/business .

    • the president is just a puppet ..wake up already..stop drinking the blasted Kool aid like its that addictive like “syrup”

      • I agree…supporting a puppet that could care less about any of us and is there for wall street, wars, banks and corps. I dare you to claim anything different. but he can sing nice and dance right?

    • Wit bout 4 kids..
      That nigga still gone have that big mouth and them fake ass dreads when she leave him broke tho lol..

    • i agree w/the RG III nomination. However, you need to really check yourself on the President Obama stance.

      • Blich please!
        Them two niggaz (Tavis and Cornell west) is against this president as if Proverty started when he got in office.. They did do Bush like they are doing him. And regardless of what you think of the president, if they really wanted to changed Proverty, they would did the something to Greroge Bush Sr. and Jr.
        But the fact that they didn’t, says they think since Barack is of color, that he should do more than any other president has done in the past when it comes to Proverty..

    • Owweeee Tiger WOODS wanna be white ass! They(white america) reminded his rump just what they thought of his negroid rump! He cheated on the former nanny and because she is white an right they showed his ass! There should be a 1st,2nd and 3rd place award! Tiger sell out,
      house nigga(oops he in the field now yall) azz should be added to the ballot as well.

    • I feel Kanye should get it hands down. His verse on “clique”, where he raps about being a sterotypical spending blackperson deserves the reward. His so-called relationship with that bird kardashian (whos overshdowing his career)then the skirt, he deserves it.
      Front runner is Rick Ross, for saying he a real nigga but all around biter ( taking a nigga name & refusing to acknowledge he has no respect for you)to this whole GD thing (the saying BOSS is a GB slang also)then talking shit like he about that life.

      • I totally agree with Kanye and Rick Ross…one is trying to push the gay agenda on our men the other is trying to get our youth killed glamorizing thug life when he’s not even about that himself….

        • You kno white ppl, get money dont spend it, or they get money buy a business/ I’d rather buy 80 gold chainz and go i’gnant/ I kno spike lee gon kill me, but let me finish

          Yeezy dope as fuck….

          • Why so much hate on Kanye? Is it because he is not Black enough for you? Is he less than Black because he doesn’t conform to what the media thinks is “Black?” Is it because he likes Preppy clothing?

            I have yet to see anyone give a solid reason for their dislike of Kanye.

            • Khloe Kardashian I know this is YOU!! Get outta here with your big, Frankenstein, Drag Queen, Gorilla looking arse. Koonye is a sellout andthere is nothing you or your HOE-SISTER can say about it!!

            • Kanye and that stupid ass jelly back ass lamar odom are both sell outs! Kanye getting on television talking about George Bush hates black people! His SELL OUT ASS dating a hoe who is overshadowing his career!Oops she is not only a hoe but how many men in the industry has had that trick! yes call RayJ for a copy of the video! STUPIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDdd! @lamar u really could use a strong sista in your life. Not the transgender looking Khloe! I wish anybody would watch that damn khloe and lamar show!

  2. I can’t understand why ppl are mad at Jamiee Foxx for doing his job as an ACTOR.
    is it because y’all wanna forget what this country put our ppl through?
    Or are y’all working for the ppl who would like us and everybody who don’t know about it to forget it?.. FACE IT! Weather it’s a white famous producer/director who wrote the movie or a black one who wouldn’t even been able to get it in theaters, it’s an story that has truth in it… Don’t punish or hate the messengers, punish the motha fuckas who thought it was ok to in slave you motha fuckas.. Cause that’s where the hate shall be..
    Don’t vote for the party who always seems to hurt the community’s thats effected by the decedents of the slaves (BLACK PPL/the majority of the 2%)..
    Boycot fox since the president can’t seem to do anything worth being proud of, but when Bush jr. was in fucking EVERYTHING UP from here to Iraq, he was a dam angel to that stations.. The fish is bigger than Quentin and a ACTOR(Eric Bishop aka Jamie Foxx) doing his job. Jamie shouldn’t even be nominated for this…

    • It’s the 98% who’s effected the most..
      The party who shouldn’t be supported is the Republicans.. I agree..
      People want to just forget about slavery, like it didn’t happen.. So that they continue it more strategically . Example – there are more jails than schools..and more is being built. It cost more to put ppl in jail than it is to send them to school. The highest debt in American is school loans. And recently, the jail system is now apart of the stock exchange.. Ppl don’t build hotels if they did expect ppl to come and stay in them.. Same for jail.. Ppl don’t build them if they wasn’t expecting ppl to be put in them…BY ANY MEANS..

    • Propaganda is a very potent tool in the golfbag of global white domination and subjugation of black people.

      Dont believe me, ask DW Griffith (“Birth of a Nation”) and Joseph Goebbels (Minister of Information of the National Socialist Party of Germany)…

      Media via Music, Cinema, Print and now Electronic PROPAGANDA is the most vital and important tool used to condition and program the minds of the next generation of victims…

      Dont try to play down the Psychological Damage a well made piece of Propaganda can do…

      Dont believe me here either, ask Lee Daniels (“Precious”)

      • Or how about we teach or children about slavery, since the school system don’t believe it’s important enough to do so?..

        The movie Django will spark one’s mind to think to go and research what the movie is about even if they didn’t know about slavery before seeing the movie. So in 2050, when the black children who was DEPRIVED of this information (slavery) from their parents, are wondering what is this controversy movie is really about, they’ll go look it up and see. It should also draw attention to Roots as well tho both of the movies are CLEARLY on different levels.
        And yeah, I wouldn’t mind seeing a movie that showed a brave enough slave to buck up at “mas’sua”/slave master..(Django)..

      • You are 100percent right!how about a SLAVE MOVIE with the WHITES as SLAVES? and the BLACKS and slave masters please!!now that would be SHOCKING and something NEW for a change.p.s.check me out on you tube MR.FUCK HOLLYWOOD MOVIES.Peace to my big brotha HSK i will never ever repeat some thing bad some one had to say about u again.

    • Because for ages, he was supposed to be one of the more intellectual rappers. And in interviews he always talked about reading up on our history, etc.

      Not sure about the Illuminati thing as I’m sure other posters can elaborate on that one but my beef is the Gwyneth Paltrow and her use of the N-word.

      I understand that this has no bearing on my personal life but it really hurts to see this generation of men co-sign on that shit. My grandfather and uncles would be called names on their jobs and they didn’t call Al Sharpton or the NAACP – they went back to work because they had families to provide for.

      What reason would a rap veteran or anyone that’s not struggling financially gain from saying that a White person is a nigga/nigguh (or whatever tired way they try to justify it)?

      Eminem, Red Hot Chilis, Teena Marie (RIP) can love Black culture all they want but they will NEVER understand it because they were never part of it.

      • Yeah he didn’t have to co sign her saying that..
        But I’m not a nigga just because I’m black..
        The more ppl over react just because that word is used, the more ppl will use it in a way for you to over react.
        When some one use’s it in a derogatory way towards you, by all means, handle the problem the same way you would if they called you anything else that you wasn’t.(bitch, hoe, slut, knunt, red neck lover, bastard, dumb-ass ect.)
        Nigger is in the dictionary, and it doesn’t say anything about being BLACK defining or a meaning to the word..

        • I think Webster officially took it out yrs. ago but I know that it means ‘ignorant’. However, if you check out that book (can’t think of title) by Julius Lester, he describes in detail exactly what was inside the YT mind when they came up with that. Pretty damn sick.

          Oh yeah… I do remember the definition and it was ‘derogatory term used to describe a person of African ancestry’

      • Well you let that define you.. I don’t care who uses it.. Im NOt a NIGGER CAUSE OF THE COLOR OF MY SKIN!
        It is a word that used to put us down, when we didn’t know the meaning of the word.. Now the word is being used on dam near every rapp album that’s released. Who gives a fuck that a person who’s not black say it? Unless they are saying it directly to you in a derogatory way towards you. This word has been talked about long enough for ppl to know that if you keep getting offended by it, then ppl will continue to use it to offend you. IM FAR FROM BEING A NIGGER until ANYBODY uses it towards me . Black white or green..only then will I become IGNORANT and let them know how I feel.
        Not when some UNFAMOUS bitch ask a question about it.

      • I agree ..but in the argument of Nas being a hypocrite and socially conscious ..what black person with any self pride is gonna give a white person a pass on using the word nigga and stick up for that person saying it. Gwyneth Paltrow who doesn’t give two shits about you and you say she gets a pass ..what kind of ignorant shit is that and that he would slap the shit out of somebody for her.

  3. Chief Keef for:

    actin’ like an azzhole stereotype, disrespectin’ black women, perpetrating violence on the black community, projecting negative images of young black folks AND,

    volunteering to have Jimmy Iovine’s dick so far up his ass that he is getting fucked by him and giving him head at the same damn time!

  4. Sammy dont do it cuz he an uncle ruckus, sammy do it cuz he was a hard core druggie and once that drug shit invades your soul, you will shoot your grandfather to fuck your grandmother if it will get you want you want.

  5. Jacky you are nominated by me for the photoshop design of the year award. I am DEAD at not just this one but so many others this year!

  6. Kanye West worked extremely hard to earn it. 1.Nigga n Paris..not creative enough to think of another title, got white folks thinking it’s cool and that they won’t catch a fair one 2. Your music is garbage that is no longer thought provoking 3. stay trying to turn a white hoe into a housewife 4. tryin to make it cool to dress like a girl 5. Sell expensive shit calling it fashion when its really cheap tacky shit..WHAT A WASTE! Mr. West has really outdone himself.

    • YE set trends.. But you haters don’t have to copy every one that he trys to set..
      He wear that shit to get some publicity, and look what it did. If them Irish mofo’s can wear it proudly, so can he. Chicago where he’s from, and New york/new Jersey is full of Irish ppl. Maybe he was paying respect to them and not trying to make a fashion statement .. And if Frank Ocean can come out of the closet 2weeks before his first album is put in stores and gain notoriety from it, then YE can put on a dam skirt and rap as if they were some dam skin jeans. After all, it was a concert that he did for Hurricane Sandy/ call in and donate some money to help victims.. Which drew a lot of attention .
      Frank Ocean deserves it over KanYE.

      • “If them Irish mofo’s can wear it proudly, so can he. Chicago where he’s from, and New york/new Jersey is full of Irish ppl”

        Damn you lame as shit. You need to know the history of Blacks and Irish not only in America but in the slave trade. You would really swallow your words and spit out that white brainwasing cum in your mind and your mouth.

  7. Thanks for letting me vote Jacky… its been a long year. First up Obama for signing the gay treaty..he’s dead wrong for that. Kanyette for the skirt and the whore whos been passed around the cipha like a dutch, and all his other offenses throughout the year. Chief Keef for being an ignorant u know what. Jamie far from a Foxx. Rick unoriginal Ross. Steve church suit Harvey. Gay-z for faking the funk with his .1% partnership, not ownership, and for defending Gwyn Paltrow with bullshit. Drops the mic and walks away…..

  8. Halle Berry – She gave up her black card. She may have even resigned! She is gone and we don’t want her back. Who you have children with is who you really want.

    Barack Obama – Although he is supposed to be Kenyan (I no longer believe it), that would mean that he is technically not a Tom since he never sold in, but if his father is indeed Frank Marshall Davis (which appears to be the case!), then he WOULD be an African-American, so that would make him an Uncle Tom house negro.

    Did you see his fake crying when he first spoke about the CT shooting? He could not even get out a tear and it was so phony that it was embarrassing. Obama does the bidding of the Jews without question and they even son him as Bloomberg did TELLING him what he had better do! Obama never has words for the Jews or anyone who he is not told to have words with.

    Brother Polight (Youtube) – I give this cooned out negro top honors! He is clearly an Uncle Tom agent of the white man sent into NYC urban areas to kick the “white man is a god” and the “black man is the problem” business. He defends the white man for ANY crime or offense and damns the black man and claims that we enslaved ourselves and are our own worst enemy while the white man is not the enemy and free from all fault. He is a clear agent.

    One is an actress ho. One is a mulatto puppet president for the Jews to take us to war and possibly massacre blacks in America since they have new Mexican slaves. The other is a Sambo pimp who believes that the white man is the savior and the black man is bad, yet he spends his time rounding stupid blacks to bring to his master for destruction! This is a rough choice!

    • Josh

      Black people did sell each other to Arabs and Europeans

      You think white folks were able to get up off the coast an inland without the collaboration of at least some black tribes….The same black tribes who kidnapped other tribes to sell to the European?

      The Europeans were initially outnumbered 500:1 and gunpowder or no gunpowder ,there is no way the slave trade could have happened unless blacks were helping them kidnapp other blacks.

      • Thats when Americans of African lineage visit the mother land some (NOT ALL) Africans be lookin’ at you like “You survived!?, oh shit. Thought we sold your asses for good”

      • That’s some real shit JOSH…
        But should we as BLACK PPL continue to do the Same thing that the other black ppl did by “outing” our own ppl?

        We all know that the president have to ask congress to do anything that he plans on doing.. They are ran by the republicans.. They won’t give this democrat anything that he is asking for because if he can some how turn this situation that a republican put us in to began with, the republicans know that there will not be a republican president again for at least 20 years to come. His priority is to get the things he said he will accomplished back in 2008.. And you see how difficult they are making that..
        On something as simple as the taxes.

        He has also tried to change the Gun laws.. We all have seen how the /NRA Party are still standing strong on how no laws needs to be changed. This is after the colorado shooting, and after the Newtown shooting.. Seriously.. Why do ppl need a gun that is used in war, in there house. For Zombies? Aliens? Terriost? Or because Bush and the Terrioust Threat level for the week?

        So with that said, I can’t blame Obama for not shedding a tear when address the Newtown shooting.. He did show his compassion for the Victims. Enough for me. This is the 4th time he has spoke about a senseless shooting since he has been in office. When are you people gonna fight with him on gun laws? Instead of continuing not to care until people die behind this shit..

        When will we realize that the second amendment (The right to bare arm) was made before an automatic weapon was invented? Meaning a gun that can kill 60 people in less than 2 minutes . That amendment was made when they did not have the fire power that we have today.. So as long as ppl continue to ignor the obvious, we will continue to feel the pain we felt last Friday.
        SIDE NOTE..
        Check how many murders the U.K have in a year, or any country that are more anti-guns.. Compare them to the land of the “free”(America) notice the HUGE difference..

        • They will never ban guns here. Amunition is the more accurate term to be used because ammunition is to keep the white man IN CONTROL OF WHAT HE STOLE.

          There have always been gun laws. Just against only for the “coloreds” Oh, in the South, a black person can have a gun or a rifle, but could not buy no high powered shit. White folks have guns against Blacks and Indians and Mexicans because yes, we stole Texas and New Mexica and California.

          Gun laws were enacted in colonies so that the white minority could remain in power. Now that whiteys are killing theyselves and they children, there is an outcry. You see, they always get guns to guard against the darkies, but usually wind up using it on themselves or each other.

          And when they do, you see, it is a tragedy, inexplicable, without comprehension; not, those criminals, thugs, gang bangers, savages, etc.

      • There is a big difference between STARTING and ‘helping’ AFTER the white man came through, kicked some ass and made the men scared straight! They also played tribe against tribe too. Black only sold Africans to arabs and Turks (don’t ever forget about them) only AFTER some had bee forced to become Muslims!

    • Unfortunately, I can’t take Bro. Polight seriously bringing his family to a debate where Seti was at… when everyone has seen any of Seti’s videos you would know he teaches through shock value. He is trying to act like he didn’t know what he was up for.

  9. It’s a tie between outgoing Florida Congressman Allen West (Republican) and Stacey Dash. Equally disgraceful, they went in on Obama…and lost.

    • Well heads up hands down..

      Jay Z for that niggaz in Paris shit making Paltrow think that she has the right to be addressing black people as niggers I personally don’t use that word

      Stacey “confused am I black or white” Dash for that bullshit she pulled during the elections.

      Please Don’t sleep on that black to white jungle master Tama Braxton ..

      Mona Scott young for that stereotyped steaming hot mess love and hip hop, she would be a field hand.

      Kanye west for being the slave masters black bitch living breathing for the white man..
      And his hoe Kim kardashan

      Other noted mentions who are waiting in line

      Stevie J for perpetrating every negative black male stereotype for everyone to see acting the buffoon on love hip hop atlanta.

      Nicki minaj for just being plain ghetto perpetrating this image to the white world that black woman are clowns agressive walk around with guns in thier bags,secretly wanting to be white,blonde hair,light skin, this can only be achieved once you’ve made some money..

      Obama for turning into the next sammy Davis Jnr

      Nene leakes…

      Ray j for his part in killing Whitney Houston under the instructions of Clive Davis supplying her with drugs then throughing himself crying on the floor at whitneys funeral…

      Pat Houston.. Cissy Houston

      Toni braxton for going bankrupt again and alowing tamar braxton to place her forward for blood sacrifice to further her own career .

      Hale berry don’t need to be on this list she just needs to be in a good mental hospital ..

  10. But I do believe that DL Hughley is top BUCKWHEAT…

    pLUS he already has the hair…

    DL Hughley should have his own seperate lifetime award for Cooning above and beyond the call of Doody.

  11. you not getting it homie….

    My whole life is splashed through these pages good and bad. I got 20 years in the music business. Thats why I come here with knowledge. I own my art and opinions!

  12. Oh hey JJ.. I forgot to nominate Chris Rock.. just do enee meenee minee moe to choose which one is number one.. mmkay

  13. There are too many to name!!! Let’s see,…

    1.)Wiz Khalifa and Kanye for allowing white, ran through, whores to come up! Only black men will try to wife up nonblack, public pu$$y!

    2.)Jamie Foxx and Diddy for throwing those infamous “No black women allowed” parties and having their bodyguards to watch the door to make sure “not too many” sistas get through. Also, if a sista is fortunate enough to gain entrance, watch her and make sure she don’t end up in VIP. Damn. Wow! Smh…

    3.)Herman Cain and Armstrong Williams. Shameful, disgraceful, house negroes who use their political platform to publicly tarnish the black race as to appease the white masters they’re serving.

    4.)Nicki Minaj for giving Britney Spears a blowjob for “touring credits” then want to scream racism when Steven Tyler called her out!! You laid your head in a white bitches lap for a come-up, you lost long a long time ago!! Coon!

    5.)Lil Wayne for impregnating all the sistas with his lil monkey seed, yet the Mexican equivalent of the SAW puppet gets the ring!! Oh and NOW he don’t wont no sista. Don’t believe me, listen to any one of his songs….

    6.)Shaunie Oneal for constantly making the Puerto Rican Evelyn come out looking good regardless of how many bottles and “almost” lawsuits and battery charges this hoe almost cost you! Then you give the ill built, boring azz Mexican Govan sisters a come up at the same time, you tossed Jennifer Williams and Royce Reed (aka the dark shorties of BBW) waaaaay under the bus. Why the dark women always made to look bad on your show? Jennifer, Royce, Kenya, Meeka??

    7.) NeNe “man shoulders” Leakes for always creating some drama and division amongst black women. Kim has never been shat, but you gave her pass after pass after pass!! And that interception you did to Sheree was foul!!!!!!! You tried to stop her come-up! You’re the dirty lil monkey with a wig on!

    8.) Sweety aka Kim Zolciaks house slave!!! Girl, who is willingly slaving in 2012??? I mean like literally carrying bags, taking care of this white bish and her little facially challenged kids, all while being talked to like a slave. Smile.

    9.)Kandi how do you and your team write, produce, and arrange a song for Kim and not get paid?? AND you let this non singing whore go on tour with you?? All bc you thought you had your lil blonde BFF huh?? Your very own white friend… But why did you take all of Lawrence’s money for “Closet Freak”? Shady bish…

    10.)Kobe Bryant, Scotty Pippen, Chris Bosh for thinking Mexican goldiggers are the better wives. I heard y’all are putting Mexican family members through college, buying cars and homes for the entire family, financing businesses. Smh… All that back up to elevate the Mexicans while the black community remains in poverty.

    11.) Michael Jordan black kids are constantly killing each other for your ugly, ridiculously overpriced footwear, but where’s your concern?? Ever thought about lowering your prices so they’re affordable for all kids. You know, kinda like what Shaq did? No? Okay. Oh, and keep taking care of your lil white fiancée, Yvette Prieto. I heard she ain’t above using the n word, hahaha. You snagged you a good one!!!

    12.)Russell Simmons for obvious reasons. He will never NOT make the list! He’s a lifetime member of the Uncle Tom club, if not the president. Defending Eminem for calling black women the n word in that one song gave ole Russey a lifetime membership” coon for life”.

      • @anoynous that the list above was the shit !! I laughed so hard you were on point..
        Nene leakes kandi was funny

        Jacky I think we have the list above one person that needs to be added is Tamar Braxton for her supreme cooning this year , other than that @aniynumous you made my day lol

    • Undiluted straight up TRUTH!!

      Kobe Bryant, Scottie Pippen and Chris Bosh: can you say FUGLY???

      Nene Leakes: modern day Aunt Jermima.

    • Agree w some of your comments. But minorities attacking other minorities is exactly what they want. Smh

      • It is what it is. THESE minorities are being called out for their proverbial, tap dancing in the masses face, white loving behavior that they exhibit just to catch a few crumbs the “massas” throw at them. I have NO PROBLEM putting them on blast!!! They need to be. What good are they to the cause of (unity within the black community) that some of us conscious blacks are constantly striving for??? I know a few whites who are “blacker” than one of these coons….

  14. Beyonce
    Mona Scott
    Jamie Foxx
    Russell Simmons
    Nene Leakea
    Nicki Minaj
    President Obama
    Chris Rock

  15. IMHO – the young’uns like chief keef should get a pass. the main part of being young is being dumb too! they might not know yet that they are shuckin & jivin and may come to that realization. When they miss that then add them to the list.

  16. 1. Kanye
    2. Beyonce
    4. Eddie Murphy
    5. Rick False

    Some one listed Kerry Washington on their list wonder why?
    But yes, this sums it up in my opinion.

  17. Also forgot Raffles van Exel and his cohorts in killing Whitney, Ray J, Pat Houston and Stacy Francis.

    Add Steve Harvey, Usher, and Kevin Hart to the list

    • Kevin Hart was funny in the 40 year old Virgin…

      But when he’s sitting on the couch with Leno, Letterman etc. I get the feeling they are laughing at him and not with him…They are laughing at him screaming and bucking his eyes and saying stereotypical garbage that white people like to say behind closed doors…But he makes me laugh…I cant lie….That little nigga funny to me.

  18. Robert, I agree with everything except when you dissed Jacky. Dont be dissin’ Jacky…He gotta keep this place economically vibrant..

    But I do agree that most people underestimate media propaganda but the Nazis knew full well its power and the Jews of those original major Movie studios of the early 1920’s are all apart of that Goebbels idelolgy that knows the power of repetition and psychological programming…When the Germans turned on the Jews in Germany, they exported that racist media conditioning program to the USA….

    And here we have Superfly, Precious and now Django.

    Please Youtube “DISCO GODFATHER” with Dolemite…

    95% of the Black Exploitation films of the 70’s were financed by JEWS.

    • The jwes were the ones who financed the slave trade and slave ships. Why black folks think they are our friends is beyond me.

      • Blacks are brainwashed by Jews just like everyone else. Black so-called leaders are fronted by the Jews as are most major black ‘civil rights’ organization. The NAACP was found and RUN by Jews and their racist asses did not even get a black (colored) leader until 1975! This is all to control and contain black action and reaction.

        Jews keep playing that victim role to catch ALL people off guard. They claim that people hate them and they have been persecuted, yet they can never come with proof! The ONLY thing that they keep throwing in people’s faces is the (alleged) holocaust. They throw that in on any topic – even it is about food or sex! They train their people to cry on contact about it too. They act like they were all in it.

        The same Jew media makes it evil for blacks to talk about our holocaust. Once we bring ours up (which was far greater), they have all of their media brainwash whites and some blacks into thinking that it was so long ago, so forget about it. They will even say “you were not a slave!” Most of them were not in the holocaust! Their media is used to invalidate us as a people. They use OUR valid stories of suffering at their hands and use it as theirs. When they can find nothing other than the holocaust, they want to go back a few thousand years in Egypt about people quite different from themselves!

        People need to wake up to who the true masters of evil are. Jews hate blacks with a passion! They are hiding something. That something could be connected to these peoples having a lot of African characteristics. They can’t hide those, but I would like to know why they hate us so. If it were not for Jews, most whites would not have a problem with blacks. It is their Hollywood, their media and their rules that make us public enemy #1, even though we are the second largest minority!

  19. Preach it! Django Unchained.. Fuck that. I don’t need to see my people like that anymore. We are greater than slavery! We are the original blueprint. All races can be traced back to Africa. Lets do a fucking movie about that & Her Highness Nzinga!

  20. Jamie Foxx for acting as if that movie he starred in that was directed by that white man was the reason for violence and Steve Harvey


    • All these coons marrying white end up dead, either emotionally or physically. Remember the Aliyah movie where the white boy saps the energy from her? The whites sap them dry and then they have nothing, not even their minds.

  22. Someone asked why Kerry Washington should be on the list. Well, let’s see!! Her Jay Leno interview a week ago where she tried DESPERATELY to sell Django Unchained by saying that this movie is a “romantic look” at slavery. Allowing HERSELF to get beaten and raped onscreen by a bunch of White boys. Me thinks that this is what she probably does to get roles for those Krakuh Jew executives IN REAL LIFE!!

    Also, she has done dubious things in the past. For instance, people don’t remember when John Mayer made that racist comment a couple of years back she ACTUALLY thought it was FUNNY!!And went running around in magazine interviews repeating what he said about her…Laughing and calling herself a “White girl in a Black girls body.”

    And please EVERYBODY IS FORGETTING THE NEW “breakout” House Negroes of this year…

    Kamau Bell: Totally Unfunny who called “TOTALLY BIASED.” Where he CONSTANTLY talks shyt about Black women and brags about having a White wife and White baby. He was on Conon the other week talking about how he HOPES his baby stays White…And he is charting her color through the Micheal Jackson diagram… He was on MSNBC the other week talking that same Black woman hating jive and Melyssa Harris Perry SHUT HIS ARSE DOWN!! And clowned his punk arse on her show.

    Key & Peele: DOING THE SAME AS ABOVE…constantly mocking Black people esp. women. Bragging about being Biracial…Making fun of dark skinned Blacks. And bragging about THERE White wives and girlfriends. And just being plain unfunny!!

    Also, I disagree with whomever said that Jamie Foxx throws “No Black woman Allowed” parties, He may ATTEND them…But he doesn’t throw them. Now I a NOT defending Jaime…HE IS A SELLOUT!! But if you remember he threw his “New Year’s Eve” party in Miami and invited nothing but Black actresses. He seems to be a COON WITH A HEART!! Now, the Wayans bros, Shemar Moore, and Diddy are known for throwing those parties.

  23. #1- KANYE ALL DAY!!!!!!

    This Fool has no business being in the public eye. Everything about his public image is a complete disaster — his words, his fashions, his relationships. He is the perfect example of when you have garbage on the inside, you will get garbage on the outside. He is an absolute Clown!!

    He will kiss anyone’s behind to get ahead, and I mean anyone. He has absolutely no dignity.

    The only redeeming thing about him is his way with words, which he got from his English Professor momma. Maybe he can go back to being Jay Z’s behind the scenes ghost writer.


    I think he is MOST deserving of this award. I nominate him all day, everyday!

  24. Robert Griffin iii who really looks like a “Griffin” with dreads. And his FAT, UGLY, PIMPLE FACED “BECKY.” And NO JOKE her name really is BECKY!! With is fake dread wearing, Texas Tea Party Republican voting arse. Talking about how he DOES NOT want to be known as a Black man or Black QB he just wants to be known as a GOOD MAN!! He wants to remain “raceless” colorless…*SIDEYE* Incidentally, OJ Simpson and Tiger Woods said the exact same thing and WE ALL SEE where that got them!!

    Former Mitt Romney running mate Paul Ryan’s ex: DONEETA POPE!! For dating Paul Ryan’s racist, 1% advocating, Medicare killing, FAKE arse. Or any Black woman for that matter who would date a White, Tea party Republican for that matter. Also, the b**tch is an ex-con who was thrown in jail for swindling one of her rich White husbands.

    Also, Gay & Straight Black men seem to have this thing for White/Mexican goldiggers. Look at Frank Ocean and his broke White/Mexican wannabe model “boy toy.” Black men “across the board” seem to have a fetish for non-black goldiggers.

  25. other people to add:
    -Michael Strahan
    -Cory Booker (like Obama he’s sucking up to the whites)
    -Papa Joe Jackson (for pimping out MJ’s image on a cheap perfume… at a Vegas mall)
    -Chad Ochocinco
    -Chief Keef
    -Sweetie from RHOA (she is the modern day Prissy from Gone with the Wind)

  26. Another sellout that deserves to be mentioned that MANY people don’t know about is Mick Jagger’s ex: Black Soul singer Marsha Hunt.Yep, the sistas are starting to “catch up” with they love of Krakuh cave cock. She deserves the “Breakout Co-Wheat Stimey” award for 1st) laying with Mick Jagger’s old, UGLY, KRAKUH arse. 2) for letting him “Knock her up” and not making him claim the baby. 3) making her and her child live in poverty while he was making BILLIONS around the world with his music. Now, she is desperately trying to HAWK his love letters that he SUPPOSEDLY wrote her to get some money. DUMB BROAD!!

  27. Charles Barkley for the kiss, the dress and misplacement of his balls. Dude used to speak his mind. No prob with his Repub Becky chasin.
    Ice T for his balloon titted whore.
    Kanye for his balloon bottomed whore
    Halle for the fight in her driveway and pretending this is a colorblind society.
    Ofrah for letting two Js demote her at her own network. (Lifetime acievement award nominee)
    Skyler Fairy for his body of work only Jolson could love.
    JayZ for agreeing to become the BK Nets mascot
    Token on South Park for well being a tolen on South Park

  28. There is probably about 20 house negro’s up for nomination for 2012, but my front runner for 2013 has to be Jamie Foxx I will be paying attention to what he says and does because today he came out and said how uncomfortable it was to hear the n_word while filming Django…really nigga! My new nickname for Jamie Foxx is “Soap Box Foxx” because a lot of his social commentary is contradictory to his actions.

  29. Also, Marsha Hunt deserves the Junior Buckwheat award for thinking it was “cute” to let Mick Jagger dedicate a racist song called Brown Sugar to her. In which a plantation owner brags about raping his Black female slaves. Uggh!! All the while the b**th was STILL BROKE!!

  30. This thread has made me realize that we black folks need to stop being so hard and judgemental towards one another.

    We are ALL victims of white racism in this global plantation at this moment and look at us picking one another off for petty little grievences we think we have with people we dont even know.
    I, too am guilty of the same thing and we have become our own worse enemy. This to me is exactly how the Europeans and Arabs were able to successfully penetrate and subsequently rule Africa. They watched us squabbling over bs and they came in and studied us and then exploited the differences we had amongst one another that we refused to settle on our own.

    WE ARE ALL AGENTS in some way or another…Some may be less aware at this moment of the damage they are doing than others but we should take a more gentle approach with one another…We all participate in our own subjugation by our basic participation in a dominant yet foreign occupation of our indigenous status as free and intelligent human beings. We gave up that status willingly first by signing our children over to others at the hospital at birth and you can figure out the rest…We all have free will and we can do anything we will. The devil will say at the end, “I only whispered in their ear, but they had FREE WILL”

    • umm…. yeah your bugging. I read the whole thing and its a crock of bullshit. These fools every last one being nominated are perpetuating stereotypes about blacks you (if you are black) and me, for their own prosperity. And what that means is that their promoting nothing but negatiive thoughts and images about us. Most rapers talk about having guns, and shooting people in the head they are telling us that our little black girls are not good enough, They are telling us that school is not important but drug dealing is the way to go because they made it that way, JAYZ specifically whose still talking about selling drugs and he’s been a millionaire for over ten years now. Many of these celebs don’t even hang around blacks anymore at all. They have few black friends and left the hood behind but still selling us a dream, keeping us hypnotized for whites and other’s to surpass us. I was done with Nas, when he said it was ok for Gwyneth Paltrow to use the word Nigger because she was a homey and were being to hard? Sure about that? and Kanye… forget it you know the rest. Black people should certainly stick together, but Not when you selling your souls.

  31. How about I nominate 3/4 of the entire NFL and NBA for their penchant for “exotic” (read:generic,boring) females..
    Can we please alsoadd the disgusting minaj monster and chief keef(they refuse to stop polluting young minds,and I refuse to capitalize their names)…

  32. And the Best Plantation Bed Wench nominees are:

    1. Halle Berry

    2. Marsha Hunt

    3. Eve

    4. Robin Givens


    6. Stacey Dash

    7. Rihanna

    8. Kerry Washington

    9. Nikki Minaj

    10. Shar Jackson

  33. Honorable mentions to Naomi Campbell letting that Russian Nazi ghettogagg her and not making him leave his wife.

    And to Janet Jackson for getting engaged to Osama Bin Laden’s son after only dating him for 2 years meanwhile dating Jermaine Dupree for 8 years and not thinking about letting him “put a ring on it.”

    • wtf?!?!

      Naomi’s boyfriend (who btw is married with kids) allegedly has mob ties and was a former Communist Party member.

      I don’t think Janet’s fiance is a Bin Laden. not even close…

  34. And the Junior buckwheat award goes to Micheal Ealy for lying to Black women for the past 2 years about “loving them” so he could sell his CRAPPY movies. All the while being married to some Indian Curry waitress/Sears checkout girl…JUST REVEALED TODAY!!

    His co-star Brian T. White for his Black woman bashing in lue of being married to his Mexican mail order bride!!

    • I’m glad Consuelo is deep throating Brian Michael White’s one-month-old baby rat penis like a jalapeno. I know you saw his naked pics that leaked a couple years ago. I have fingernails that I just cut 3 days ago that are longer than Brian’s teeny wienie.

      As for Michael Ealy, he thinks he is the only person of color with light eyes. If sistas didn’t treat his everyday ass like a novelty, he may have walked closer down-to-earth. I can care less about anyone with a small penis, no racial pride or who is color struck marrying a non-Black woman. Good riddance.

      In the wise words of comedienne Melody Camacho, “If you ain’t got a man, you gotta hand.” Just make sure you wash that hand before and after! Lol

  35. TOP FIVE

    1. Mia Love
    2. Herman Cain
    3. Tiki Barber
    4. O.J. Simpson (he will ALWAYS MAKE MY LIST)
    5. Stacey Dash

  36. Halle gets the Lifetime Achievement award. She needs to be inducted into the House Negro Hall of Fame for the lengths she has went to to deny who she is…

  37. 1. President Barrack Obama/ Eric Holder for HSBC settlement.
    2. Allen West just because he’s a dellusional coon.
    3. Colin Powell because he knows the game and continues to participate in the propaganda
    4. Halley Barry’s father-because he really f###ed her up
    5. Kanye West i dont hv to explain, his nomination is obvious.

  38. @Nuh Uh…You are the one who obviously doesn’t have a TV and aren’t keeping up with current event Booboo!! Everybody I have said has been in the news recently and over the past 6 mos. PSST!! IT’S CALLED GOOGLE…use it sometimes!! NEXT!!

    @Mookie…I realize that Janet’s boyfriend is NOT related to Osama Bin Laden…It was a joke!!


    IS EVERYBODY forgetting Zoe Saldana and her racist portrayal of Nina Simone?? That bish deserves to be HORSEWHIPPED!!

  40. Not really sure why everybody is JUST “GOING IN” on Jamie Foxx when his character in Django Unchained really isn’t that degrading if we are just talking on that movies aspect. Sam Jackson and Kerry Washington according to ANYONE who has read the script or already seen the movie characters are WAY MORE degrading than Jamie Foxx’s esp. Kerry’s.

  41. Jackie you need different categories…like the Oscars!!

    Top Prize: Behold Buckwheat: Male/Female

    Best Sambo: Top male!!

    Most Magnificent Mammy: Top Female!

    Best Supporting Stymie: Runner Up Male

    Best Supporting Jemima: Runner Up Female

    Best New Breakout Bojangles 2012: New Male

    New Top Pop Prissy 2012: New Female

    Cause there are SO MANY PEOPLE that need to be acknowledge…and they worked SO HARD to earn it!! It will be a shame to let them go home empty handed!!

  42. Jacky:

    Sad to say, but you have an abundance of great nominations here. I like Boomboomroomish’s idea about the various categories–like the Oscars. Please put up a poll, so that we can vote.

    Wolfgang Puck is married to a sister. Maybe you could get him to cater the HSK Governor’s Ball.

  43. I would like to nominate Shemar Moore for those never happened parties. Surely this freaky gentleman deserves an award or two lol.

  44. Let’s not forget Seal for letting Heidi Klum turn him into a cuckold and then crying about it. Cheating on him with *in his words* “the help.” Not realizing that this coon was the help his damn self. He deserves something!!

  45. The Wayans Bros for advising Kevin hart to dump his beautiful black wife for a mulatto. You gets no love from me consider yourselves dismissed.

  46. I was wondering why nobody mentioned Trinidad James?

    I respect the dude because he is a very eloquent cat when he ISN’T making tomfoolery hot. But nobody can deny that “All Gold Everything” is not tomfoolery. I mean it seriously makes me laugh and I’m praying it is satirical so I don’t have to keep this guy on the list but I know it probably isn’t.

    I mean NOBODY think this is the worst, most catchy (unfortunately) song of the year, second to “Love Sosa” which the absolute worst (and that is only because I can’t find a more appropriate or accurate term for my disdain of it.) song of 2012 and everyone plays it like crack. I swear they prep these guys on a secret island and bring their shit out on the internet to test it and if it works, they market it to the Black teens. But the absolute worst goes to Chief Keef….

    1) Chief Keef
    2) Trinidad James (if song is not parody of hip-hop_
    3) Jamie Foxx
    4) Every cast member of BBWLA with Afro- American ancestry
    5) ASAP Rocky
    6) Drake for trying too hard to play the Papi card and has NO Latin heritage WHATSOEVER
    7) L’il Wayne for over using p****, h**, and b**** entirely too much.
    8) Any athlete who is dating inrerracially (field negro self-hate disorder is very real)
    9) Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Stacey Dash (3-way tie)
    10) Kanyeti
    11) JD for signing Leah Labelle (no offense to her)
    12) All black producers and record execs who are looking for the 21st century Teena Marie and try to turn all of these white girls into R&B artists and create an ethnic look to them instead of just signing a black woman.
    13) French Montana
    14) Jay-Z, Diddy, and Nas (Jay and Diddy have lifetime membership and run the House Negro Sustenance Committee so they will always make the list.)


    15) The people who started the cuff the bust it wide before the prude movement. Gosh, what happened to taking care of your children together and but damn… hoes are winning at a disproportionate rate.

    That’s the current list
    Did I miss anyone?

  47. Someone said earlier, why are we dogging these Uncle Tom’s. Well I don’t consider these people black at all. These are people who look black but who really are not. If these people want to be white, let them. How can we do a list without adding the one and only Terrance Howard, Mr. I only date white women but most of his fans are black women. SELLOUT!!

  48. ***FLATLINES****….COT DAMN! I AM STR8 DEAD WITH ALL OF THESE WELL DESERVED NOMINEEE’S. I think you all have done a good job. Now we will have to set back and wait for the countdown!…LMAO!

  49. EVERYBODY…PLS!! LET’S NOT FORGET Toure…He DESERVES A Journalist Lifetime Bojanges award. 1st) For tweeting racist jokes about Trayvon Martin right after the incident. Then, calling Obama a n**ger!! He is a COON for real!!

  50. JayZ, hands down with his unrelenting use of the word Nigga when referring to the black community. However, he is always setting himself apart from the community by publicizing the price tags on all services and products he purchases. According to his well-publicized wealth, we all assume that he is capable of making such purchases if he so desires, so no big deal. However, he does this in hopes that the everyday man will envy his present day financial position. Interestingly enough, when grinning for the photo ops. with the likes of Buffet and others, the word nigger is never spoken. If this word has no harm or hurt attached to it, why not refer to this group as Niggas also? While in Europe screaming, “Niggas in Paris” from their narcissistic perceived “Throne” continues to destroy the impressionable minds of his fan base (which consist of young people of mid and high school ages). A bonafide Coon without a clue! Top House Negro for 2012.

  51. Nas had to go along to get along…why aint he worth stacks and stacks like Jay-Z?
    Nas is my baby daddy in my head, but to me he stay losing. The conscious rap wasnt paying like big pimpin’ rap lyrics.

  52. So, no one is going to nominate BeYAWNce for Fake Babygate 2012? Well, allow me to do the honors.

    I have few expectations of n*ggas, but a b*tch who has to be worth AT LEAST $300 million should know how to fake a pregnancy to the fullest.

    BeYAWNce knows she is 40 or close to it. Gabby Union pulled her card a few years ago. If you call yelling singing, then BeYAWNce is talented. She steals song lyrics, choreography, old comedy routines, video concepts, and even uteri as a means of perpetuating her “perfect” image. She has try to steal Rosetta Stone English DVDs and CDs to learn how to articulate properly. I’ve spoken to a 1-year-old who sounded smarter than BeYAWNce.

    Her hair is fake, her ass is padded, her marriage is a sham…need I continue? She started out thanking God for blessing her with a Grammy for such hits as “Bootylicious”. Now, she worships the Baphomet. Girlfriend kicked Jesus to the curb somewhere along Hadley Street and she never looked back.

    Homegirl is the Illuminati’s supreme puppet. Stevie
    Wonder can see it. Folks continue drinking her Kool-Aid laced with arsenic (soon to be Pepsi) for reasons unbeknownst to me.

    If that b*tch isn’t the queen of all sell outs, I don’t know who is.

  53. The Dream aka Teddy Ruxpin aka The Fattest head in Music. When the supreme house Negro attempted to take the blame for Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Niggaz in Paris’ tweet.

    Also I would add Ice T pathetic ass in there as well. He is another white woman worshipper who stupidly defended her. Ice T has lost it. His wife is blacker than him. I like Coco. No wonder she is checking for that BLACK dude on the sly. If she wanted a white guy, Mr Ice she woulda married one. Sell out prick.