Young Jezzy Says Khloe K’s NaNa is Beyond Loose!



Mean Mileage?

HSK Exclusive – We’re getting word that Young Jezzy told his homeys that smashing Khloe Kardashian “felt like sticking his manhood into the deep sea.”

We’re told the rapper hooked up with Khloe, back in 2009, when the pair shared a steamy sex session. Now, sources reveal Jeezy isn’t the only one to notice the mileage.

Here’s the drop:

“Rashad McCant, a former NBA player, told me he preferred having anal sex with Khloe. Rashad used to be on the Kardashian’s television show, but they were only using him for press.

Kris Jenner played Rashad, he claims Kris, sabotaged his career.”


  1. Wow! That is sad and extremely embarrassing. But real men won’t discuss such things. She gave them what they wanted and still they complained. This is why women should learn to keep their legs closed. Everyone doesn’t deserve your goodies (whether they are stretched out or not).

    • WORD!

      Bunch of fatherless Niggas run they mouth like hoes.

      Ladies be ladies and Men be GentleMEN. Having character doesn’t make you soft b

      • Can u SPEAK DA TRUTH! I totally agree that women do discuss men who are a part of the small weenie committee! I can’t believe she married a brotha! Lamar lost all credibility on this one. It use to be a time when BROTHAS would shit bricks if this kind of crapola came out about their mates/companions but now that seems to attract them more. Lamar must be one weak whack ass negro. Her and Kim have more miles than a used pinto! Some of the celebrity brothas dissappoint me so much!

      • Anon, puleeze — don’t ghettoize all women becuz of how the hoes YOU know behave!

        A lady keeps her sex life to herself. Women have nothing to gain from publicizing her bedroom business & everything to lose. (Unless you’re having physical/medical problems, then you tell yr doctor.) If yr man has a little rice dick, you can’t embarass him by telling yr girls that shit — just as you wdn’t want him to telling his friends yr shit was as big as the Grand Canyon.

        If yr man is hung like a horse, you keep it to yrself so yr girls ain’t thinking abt getting a sample.

        Only a guttersnipe — or a professional hoe — puts her sex life out there for public consumption.

      • Thank you. You snitching on some trim, sounding salty at that? Get your career back and stop talking shit Jeezy. This happened back in 2009, she is married and moved on…. Please do the same. We have!

        • When was his career ever lost? He is one of the best rappers in the game. If a female wants to be treated like a lady, she should carry herself; otherwise she will get treated like and talked about like a Hoe!!!

    • Men talk about women the sane way women talk about men.
      And what’s with the whole ” giving pussy to guys” women treat their coochie like a reward but get mad when guys do comparison shopping and sample some shit but don’t by.

    • Thank You & BLESS YOU, Anon for reminding folks of how a real man shd bebave! No decent Brother is gonna kiss & tell, esp. abt some chick he smashed 3 yrs ago.

      Guess the no-class jackass is mad that he never got to hit it again.

      • Obviously she was a jump off, we don’t hear about him talking about with his kids mom. Ladies don’t have problems with guys they been with kissing and telling because we have relationships, not casual relations and get mad when we’re treated like hoes.

    • Wow @ folks taking up for this white skank and her tunnel vagina. neveer mind that she’s seen more penis than a urinal…just blame the men for telling the truth about her astodome puddy.
      SMH typical negro ignorance.

    • Oh shut up! These girls are hoes and hoes get exposed! Especially anal sluts. I knew she likes her pooper pounded. I bet kim thoroughly enjoys it as well. How about you? The way u defend her it seems like youd be mad if someone exposed how much u like ur butt fucked. Its ok its hot u little anal queen

    • Question? Loose vagina or small weenie? That’s the question.

      But I’m sure Khloe is more than likely ‘loose’

      • I was thinking the same thing! I say he has a small package but why bring this up now though? Did she tell someone it was small and his comeback is that her purse is loose?

        • Lol he isn’t the only one saying she is loose there is a group of me that hit it and quit it so it’s most definitely that’s canyon of a twat

    • Its annoying. They are only famous because of blacks Period and its sad as hell. Glad you bought it up.

    • If folks wd STOP WATCHING THEIR SHOWS, the network wd drop them in no time. I dont’ know anybody who shops at Dash. All their ‘brand’ is really is the tv show.

      But now that Kim just had her demon seed, the word is waiting to see that 1sy baby pic. And you know Kris will make sure the big reveal happens on KUWTK. Kim is a dumb twat who does whatever her mother tells her to. But even Yeezy don’t have the balls to tell Kris “Fuck off, I’m not pimping out my kid.”

      Greedy as they are, at least Camel & his hump were smart enuf to post Blue’s 1st picture on the internet & kill the feeding frenzy. And it’s kept the paps from jocking them too hard since then.

  2. I totally agree with Anonymous but,aside from that, IMO only a boy would have sex with a woman he knows/suspects has been around and then talk about her and only a latent fag would actually tell someone they prefer to have anal sex with a woman. Both Jeezy and Rashad both need to sit down.

  3. In all fairness to Khloe these two men look as if a lifestyle large would fit rather baggy. If a female is loose, especially with no children, why would you even bother to mess with her? I don’t that the vagina is a muscle, with more than the rectum, even porn stars and baby mamas have grip.

    Tells you something about the character two but men will diddle w/ anything including other men. Another reason why sisters should consider other men from other cultures or be alone for a while to build better ones for the next generation.

  4. Maybe its just genetics, vaginas are like faces lol..
    Maybe these niggas just didnt bring the proper equipment for the job…

  5. am i the only one who thinks anal sex is nasty & gross??? those boys wud screw a dog & like it so i give khloe the benefit of the doubt here; any man or woman who participates in anal sex is nasty!!!! a boy with a small dick will always say a woman is big…. “equipment failure”

      • totally agree, these low life perverted freaks wana blame khloes’ cooch but i think its there lack of proper bedroom tactics is di problem, i doubt the know how to please a woman the right way thats y those whoring a$$ boys trip oa there own $hit. they r too concerned with the bootyhole thinking backways instead of going forward, thats y i wud neva date a rapper pro athlete or a man who has it made. Glad im married with my 2 kids enjoy the simple life & got a ok job i dont have to put up with loose moral boys like them

        • I mean, to each his/her own, but it’s definitely NOT for me. My asshole has an “EXIT ONLY” sign on it….LOL

          • dwl they should be ashamed!!!! we all know the kardash girls r triffling to the max. normal sex is painful enuf so jus imagine a man ramming his manhood in ur ass?? that shit must hurt (no pun intended) but it must be painful; i couldnt fathom myself to be so low for a a man?? i would be too ashamed to even look at said man ever again

            • Girl please, anal sex doesnt make u a hoe its in the numbers. My husband and I had anal sex all the time. Its a part of sex and to each is own. Give your MAN something new, the botj of you might enjoy it!!

        • Maybe u dont put up with it because you’re not living that lifestyle. Its a shame when women just cant except that women get treated how they allow themselves to. Maybe she should have kept her legs closed. Her family is full of gold digging hoes so dont act like shes a lady

  6. it aint her damn fault them have small manhood, some men phucks anyting nowadays & take no pride in themselves. that guy dirty for prefering bootyhole ova pusi plus he have the nerve to discus it?

  7. Fuck Jezzgy and all the whoring niggas who smash hoes and then dog em out aftetward. You are what you fuck!

    • my point exactly, these boys act as if they respect women & then turn around & degrade the same women they have sex with!!!! alot of times all theyhave is a name & no sex or love making skills & in the end blame the woman. It takes a real man to wife up a woman in these streets, they probly jealous of her 15mins of fame however it came watching there star fading into oblivion

      • Speak truth. Personally, i like Khloe. Still didn’t change the fact that maybe his Dick was just small. This rappers are punks

  8. those broads sure luv them sum black cocoa puffs lol the only think i like about kim is that she elevated her whole got damn family to celeb recognition; she cuda dodge them out & left them struggling behind & throw shade but because off her tape they r famous by association & that to me is cool to some extent, she still an “slutty tramp” but hey to each there own. khloe my fav. kardash thu. *NoHomo* she pretty

    • They are infamous not famous….big difference. Soooo what you are saying is that if you are recognized as the brother who’s sister was fyxked in the ass on tape fr the world to see you’ll be OK with that?

      Wow. She has a loose pussy and you have loose morals….I hope everyone in your FAM thinks differently.

      • no but my morals r ok thank u. i was simply makin a point no one asked for but they r all sluts in there own way thu.

        • Ur point was stupid !! Why would u have respect for this whore, and how she done what she did to get to where she at? Her fam is no better!!

  9. “felt like sticking his manhood into the deep sea.”

    That is some low freaking sh*t right there. It’s lower than low. How else could those Kardasians get to where they are today. Those trains ran everyday.

      • Spicy

        This is the 4th time I’ve heard you comment about small penises.

        Im starting to suspect that you have an enormous vagina. Im mean a vagina of epic proportions with absolutely no wall memory.

        If Im wrong about that then I apologize.

        • But in al seriousness, Im starting to also suspect that between the bad foods, the drug usage and the lack of exercise that Young Jeezy is young downstairs.

          • Jeezy is known to have a little dick. I know someone personally that had sex with him and the report was that it was SMALL. He does use coke so there is a chance he couldn’t even keep it hard. He sounds like a bitch don’t forget about the bisexual rumors. They are rumors the rest stated is fact.

            • All that is speculation. None of you have seen his penis or him use drugs. Your girl could be a liar or have a loose 1 herself. What we know for a fact however is that he hit yo girl and Khloe. Hahaha

  10. a man with a small DICK annoys me thats y i respect my man @home he has a 91/2″ pipe & he sure knows how to lay it good good. rappers only portray a fake image he must have a toothpick to even say that a non-childbearing khloe k has a big croch? he is at fault no one forced his fren to like pounding a$$ the are all booty bandits running around possing as straight……… shhhhttttt “aint nobody got time fo that”

    • What????? Her being like the ocean doesnt mesn he’s small. Why can’t women except that some of these females are hoes!! I mean really, you are defending a Kardashian? What made them famous? And truth be told your dude could be consideted small to a chic taking 11″

  11. Reminds me of a joke from Family Guy, “Banging that hoe is like throwing a hot dog down a hallway”

  12. The kardashian girls are super freaks… I don’t doubt her walls went AWOL quite sometime ago they momma was on some hoe shit… We only know Kim based on some hoe shit they like the girl on she gotta have it… And to say Keisha cole said he wouldn’t packing but isn’t she the same bust it down girl for industry beats… Lets stay consistent shall we now I’m not defending Jeeze not in the least bit. but facts are facts if all you do is stretch yo monkey out there’s a chance that muscle won’t tighten like it use to mainly cause its not having the time to snap back… Now if she takes it in her ass then I like to think its because she even know that pussy is wore out like soles on poor kid only pair of sneakers… I’m not into kissing and telling but lets be real if Keisha cole blasted him on his size or lack there of why trip on him for tellin his homeys because females do it all the time

    • True story, real talk. Women talk about men all the time. So it doesn’t bother me when men talk about these hoes. I’m a female and know that if you put yo shit out there messy, then U getting talked about.

  13. That’s right

    Females discuss very intimate details too.

    A niggas should be able to discuss whether or not a chick has any relevant walls available.

  14. Some women just naturally have very little tone in their vagina. Its not because they are sexually active or had vaginal births.

    Halle Berry is one of those women. Maybe she had some surgery or someone told her about kegel exercises. But the telling sign of a woman with a loose vagina, is they have no problem getting men but they have a hard time keeping them long term.

    • Anonymous that is the DUMBEST shit I’ve ever heard!

      A tight pussy by itself had never kept a man around & it never will. If dude doesn’t want to be faithful, it doesn’t matter what his wife’s body is like.

      • So true, thats why a woman with a snappa better choose wisely, cause she got that stuff thats gonna drive a man wild. A tight twat is rare these days !!

  15. A 4 1/2 FOOT is always going to feel LOOSE!! in nice TIGHT LEATHER 9 SHOE!! Its not the shoes!! Its the foot!! its just too SMALL!!!

  16. Now I love Jeezy he happens to be My favorite rapper th a ts if I had to choose 1 so im not just hating on the man, but from what I hear his dick is small as fuck. Maybe shes loose maybe she isnt but it might not might not be she has a loose pussy just he has a under developed baby dick. Just because some dude says that shit doesnt make it true. Guys constantly tell lies about the girls they fuck or say the fucked but never did. So just because Jeezy said its true? Please,who cares what he has to say aabout it im sure he fucked more than 1 time and would do it again right now. He’s a grown fuckin man snd shouldn’t be kissing and telling hes not 15. Rappers want girls to stop opening up there mouths and writing books maybe they should stop acting like some ratting ass hoe and shut the fuck up. Rappers these days r some bitches I wish would start acting like men again.

  17. Some of you guys are funny. A womans vagina is not going to be loose cause she’s been with several different men. How old are some of y’all?

    If she’s easy to hit then what does that say about these guys that slept with her? It takes two to tango and I’m pretty sure that these rappers have slept with tons of groupies. They have slept with more women than Khloe has slept with men still they act like she’s some kind of slut.

  18. Surprise, Surprise!

    When you start spreading your legs at 14 and those KarTRASHian trains were running all day, every day, it should be no wonder.

    Other women on here commenting in a way that makes you think they took this article personal, are just “guilty” of the same, by defending this cum-bucket.

    Wonder why the world is such a pile of shit when woman defend whores just to throw shit at a dude, nevermind his size.


  19. If you have to run your mouth about some ass you got back in the day, clearly you have nothing going on today!

    Ladies stop fucking these clown ass fools.

  20. Hold up……what’s all the bickering about? I mean really…she is a slut hoe just like her plastic OLDER sister.

    Pussy is loose, ok…and? Won’t stop a man from hitting it…and yall know this.

    I do want to mention having a lot of sex does NOT weaking the pelvic muscles. NOW ABUSING THE PUNANY…ok course but just regular sex with various dicks…hmmm..naaaa.

    Look at it like this: the vagina is a series of fiberous and elastic muscle tissue. Ok, now how do you build muscles in your arms, legs, etc? YOU WORK THEM OUT. Same thing for the vagina. SEX is needed to keep them in tip top shape. REAL TALK.

    She might just have poor muscle tone. Sometimes loosing grip has to do with child birth (not in Khloe’s case), repeated use of extremely large insertion toys or simply…weak pelvic muscles.

    What ever is Khloe’s issue…hell, any woman with a loosey….it still wont stop a dude from eating and beating! My suggestion would be to see a gynecologist and perhaps get a vagioplasty OR use ben wa balls and do kegels while they’re up in the twat.

  21. I would also like to add having a small penis has NOTHING to do with not feeling walls. A healthy, average pussy can give pleasure and accommodate an 11 inch thich dick and then go to a 5 inch skinny one and both dudes would nut and feel great. A typical pussy can conform to all size dicks. NOT SAYING that a small one would beat the cervix just right or that a woman would feel it like she would a horse dick but the MAN would feel it just fine.

  22. white girls win again on this 1.

    people are still talking abouyt how good those kardashians are in bed.

    ray j made a song about kim.

    kanye’s so high and mighty he decided to get her pregnant trying to upgrade evberybody else.

    oh i got the finest white girl in the world pregnant yerah i’m god.

    all we read and hear abnoput the kardashians how kim gave ray j head oh yeah they love to phukk black men so what.

  23. I like Jeezy but he looks like he has a small peen and he probably bi 2. Just like the rest of the celebs. All they ass r gay or bi…. ALL. Bros be for Hoes…GAY

  24. Why is it okay for women to discuss mens sexual attributs and skills with others but not okay for men to discuss womens sexual attributes and skills?

    Women equality right?

    But when you marry a woman and/or you decide to have children with her then she’s is off limits as far as discussing her sexuality. She becomes like the Virgin Mary of sorts that is only touched by the Holy Phallic.

  25. Just saw an old picture of Jeezy with Mariah back a few years ago. I wonder what he thought about MiMis’s punany? No matter-he’s got better sense than to diss
    the Automatic Princess in the press.

    Speaking of Mariah, it’s common knowledge that Em has a small peen. It’s not one of those micropenises, but it’s on the small side of average for a white guy and not at all girthy. I betcha no ho ever complained about it to him. Well except for his wife Kim.

  26. I am surprised that this is being said about Khloe she hasn’t had as much black men as her sister Kim who should be wider than the Mississippi! Watched her sextape and Ray J’s Big dick slid in and out of so easily! Kim has been with so many black men so should be as wide as the universe!.

    • A lot of blk females deny the facts of life like the old show that little is not what’s wanted at night or day and if ya man cheats or whatever its because you no it 2 so plenty of money or fame do not bring bedroom happ,iness

      • Everyday like killing in the hood there are what i call facts our people are like bees they buzzz when real shit is spoken and like i said if ya man cheats it is because its small and your not lady enough 2 tell him and only in a lifetime do ya meet the one that really should be at ya spot late at. night real life shit so ifits the money or nice cars then you never left the hood anyways so lets just keep it fucking real seriously

  27. What kind of Lady would tell the world that she has a large blown-out vag, She only dates Bros,if they can’t take care of her who can ?. Maybe she’s going to go the other way , that’s her only option.It’s her child like Brain that just want’s to be in the news, Im sure that Robert K Sr. would be very proud of Kim and Klhoe and Kris , I hope Bruce Jenner takes Kendall and Kylie and gets out of Dodge Fast , Bruce listen to Brandon and Brodie and Run Forest Run .

  28. I love how people still stuck on this stereotype shit…”black men all packin” if dats da case why so many of yalls women run round cheatin on yall all damn day and got babies round da block..(white women do it to) but what im sayin is if yall really packin it and i mean all yall and yall are “hittin it” so damn good wit ya horse meat…why dese women got such attitudes like dey aint gettin dickd down rite and runnin off wit all these other men..i been wit mostly black girls who been wit mostly black dudes and even my wifey now is chocolate and all her friends and her included always clownin on dat shit….i must be one in a million then cuz im white and broke and i always was takin these loud mouths’ girls from em..and the dick def. wasnt just slidin in..girls stayed kickin on me..and last time i saw guiness book reported dat the biggest dick known on earth is a white man..but if u wanna know the truth young ladies, instead of reading shit off internet or basing your whole world of knowledge off of a few peoples’ sexual encounters..why dont u go fuck a couple white or asian dudes take a trip to europe where the real “crackas” are at..guarantee u’ll be switchin sides real quick..truth is..most men got wat you would call “small” dicks black white brown yellow green wateva…so most of yall gunna be let down anyways and even if u do run into a big one..then u gotta factor in if he even know how to please u with it..if he lazy..or etc. my advice “STOP BEIN JUDGEMENTAL AND GO AND TRY SOME DIFFERENT FLAVORS, NO1 CAN HIDE BEHIND A FALSE STEREOTYPE FOR FOREVA” my wifey was blown away when she found and and couldnt believe it, cuz of them damn stereotypes but she found out how real it was REAL quick..have a nice day 🙂

  29. I just read on another site(which is usually fairly accurate) that Khloe’s friendship with The Game’s brother is just a front to cover for her REAL relationship with Game himself!

    Either he HAS a very large peen or maybe Jeezy was outting himself in the itty bitty ditty committee.