Younger R&B Singers Punk TGT (Tyrese, Ginuwine & Tank) @ BET Awards



Is The New Generation Lacking Respect?

HSK Exclusive  – Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank may have set the stage for some of today’s R&B talent, but that doesn’t mean their predecessors display respect for them. That’s because sources tell HSK a group of new generation singers clowned the three men at the BET Awards, as the trio introduced themselves as a new super group ‘TGT’.

According to an insider, younger R&B singers were spotted laughing at “TGT”. Know why? Because they say the new generation of R&B singers believe Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank come off like old men -dressed like the OJays, suited up in cheap white matching outfits. Don’t believe me.. Ask Trey Songs.

Here’s the drop:

“Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank showed up to the BET awards looking like a cheap group. Tyrese got on the phone and said to them other two Nicca’s ‘You got a white pants and a white shirt? that’s what we wearing.’

TGT did look corny, them young R&B cats were laughing at them. Tyrese and them two other Nicca’s need to go sit down with that bullshit. Jacky, five years ago Ginuwine was making appearances at all male strip parties. Tank’s career is just that!

As for Tyrese, he should stick to the token black acting roles and singing other peoples songs at award shows.”



  1. Reminds me of LSG, Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat and Jonny Gill… It may be a good idea to get their careers re started. I am loving the white blazers…

  2. what ‘young’ R&B singers.. wasn’t no young R&B singers there.. I know u ain’t talkin bout them little long haired smurfs that made fun of Lauryn Hill

  3. I hope they bring back real soulful R&B music. Forget about all that other dribble. At least those 3 can sing. The stuff they are calling R&B now a day ain’t nothing but trash.

    I like Trey Songz and Chris Brown but, they are not R&B. Well, they maybe a weak watered down version of it in order for it to appeal to the masses.

  4. Trey Songz can’t laugh at nobody. Ginuwine can sing circles around him & Chris Brown. as long as TGT sing some meaningful, loving ballads, they can get my money, i am tired of these overly sexed singers. they just sing about sex, no love. i miss Silk, H-town, Guy, NE, Levert, Boyz to Men and my favorite Jodeci, so i hope they can pull it off.

    • You said it,these little no talent kids me to sit down somewhere,right now this mess they call music is a shame!!!

    • You said it.. But where is Jagged Edge? I love the JE Boys and Mint Condition, seems these groups get no play but they are still going strong in the game anyhow..

    • Did you say Ginuwine can sing circles around Trey Songs??? Lol… Trey is probably the only newer artist who can go at them… His voice is far better than all 3 of these artist. But I like all 3 artist n anticipating this album!!

  5. The “r&b” wr hear today aint nothing but techno/pop/auto tune trash. I cant wait to hear their new music

  6. i’m a video soul/video vibrations/hey love commercial baby..bring real rnb back! If they can do it, i’ll support them..fuck a blazer!(I did not bring up the mayor of rap city for a reason) I KNOW someone is itching to add it lol

  7. TGT is nothing new they had a song out in 2007. But trey songz wack R kelly sounding ass need to sit down. This BS that is out now listen to old music to sample or when they really hurt. Gtfoh

  8. It’s about time we get some real singers to step forward. I just hope they have some tight eriters. Im so tired of this so called R&B music that glorifies nothing but sex. Then we wonder why our kids are so messed up. Lets bring back real love music!

  9. They need to do a “white Girls only” tour and do shows outside the urban landscape.
    Rural towns,private women’s colleges/universities…places where Yt women and couples who like R n’B but those acts DON’T come to their neck of the woods.

    Ginuwine can brings girls on stage, bump n’ grind on them and post clips on YouTube.

    The Yt Gurl tour will generate a lotta hype and controversy which give the group buzz and their records would sell.

    That brian mcknight Adult Mixtape gave him a lot of publicity,attention that is unusual for and artist of his genre.Too bad,he didn’t put an album out at the height of it.

    • you are obsessed with white women.
      this isn’t the first time you’ve said this.what is wrong with you?

      plus what you’re suggesting has already been done by EVERY black male artist,rappers,ballers,musicians,etc in the industry.

      they go to majority and only white clubs and perform all the time.I’d point you to a 50cent video and many other videos with black male celebs but I don’t feel like it

        • Really,well i guess the whole world didn’t get that memo, cause last time i check i still see non black babies being born everyday !!! in fact the black birth rate is at an all time low while non-black cultures are at an all time high and not counting mix race babies!!! so as far as i’m concern what you’re saying,is an OPINION !!!

  10. They remind me of LGS.
    Another supergroup of “pretty niggas”

    LGS did have that one remake that wasn’t so bad.

    • I beg to differ! TANK is not a pretty boy in no shape, form, or fashion. Take a closer look.
      Ginuine is still handsome nut not as much as when he first started out..he has aged a lot.
      Tyrese is nice looking but certainly not fine.

  11. Btw

    Both trey songs and Chris brown likes it in the ass….
    It’s really a tipsy turvy world where men are mocked for being 40 and heterosexual.

    • oKAY, I guess you can cross Tank off the heterosexual and 40 list…

      That just leaves Black Ty and Ginuwine…

      Doont let me down Ty and Wine…You two are the only straight cats left in the biz…Stay strong brothers.

  12. Everybody disregard this “anon” troerll. He trolls numerous Black sites making racist, colorist, bitter comments about Black women. He is a professional troll. GET A LIFE!! Even most of the Black men IN HERE can’t stand you!!

  13. LMAO. Tyrese, Tank, and Genuine WISH they could holler like the Ojays. And the non-sangin’ fools of today (Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and the rest) don’t even sound as good as TGT. LOL.

  14. Thank God somebody who can sing meaningful songs we can sing to for years to come. Trey need to sit his self down and learn how to move people through song. And Chris you keep dancing cause that’s all you got bro. They wish they could carry a note next to these bothers. Oh and say its not so Tank not you too!

  15. LOL @ cheap white suits!! Heard Genuine likes to ride pony’s named Tyrese and Tank while Timbaland films it.. There is a lot of baby oil and ectacy floating around in that studio not to mention shirtless men..

  16. GAY SONGz need to shut the f… up if he said anything! I will never support a GAY man R&B singer or rapper…. Just like I dont support a heavy metal artist ..because I am not your audience! WTF ya’ll youngsters laughin at? Yall need to learn something from the Old skool group… stay true to your audience and even if the money aint strong up front it will build and be long! You have forever fans when you respect your audience…and you cant respect your audience by lying about who and what you are. I hate these stupid azz lying bi and gay singers trying to sing sex songs to an audience they are not in love with. Love me , respect me , be up front and true to me and I will stay and support you forever.

  17. I vote for GROWN and SEXY MUSIC all day.
    These little punks ruined Hip Hop, and made R&B disappear.

    TGT can sing. Trey Songz and Chris Brown would have been Back Up singers at most, during the Luther Vandross era.

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