Zoe Saldana: Two Times a Dumped Beard!


DL Celebrity - Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper’s Hangover Is Over!

Zoe Saldana was forced to check into heartbreak hotel over the holidays, after being dumped by Bradley Cooper. Sources say that’s just before the Hangover actor abandoned the 34-year-old actress in Miami — for a second time! Now, Saldana’s previous plans to have Cooper’s baby are said to be shattered.

Here’s what an insider had to say:

“Zoe had planned to spend the holidays with Bradley and his family in Europe. They all were going to Paris, but things didn’t work out between them. Instead, Zoe spent New Year’s Eve with friends in Miami.”

Are closet-gay celebrities notorious for breaking ladies’ hearts, after not telling them the real reason they were kicked to the curb? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Tameka Foster.


  1. Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper are gay as two hummingbirds.

    But according to Christa , only black men can be downlow.

      • And yes, against my better judgment I am replying to my own reply. My point is that Black men on the DL are harder to detect because of their natural manly carriage. This item is a perfect example. When “Wedding Crashers” hit big, some of my girls were swooning over Bradley Cooper like he was the next big YT heart throb. I knew from the first scene in the film that Bradley was sweet as a cotton candy cone at the fair.
        On the other hand I will meet a brother in a Brooks Brothers suit with a Wall Street job and think, “hmmm that is one desirable dude…better check my make up.” Only later I am informed that he lives with another brother in Chelsea.
        Get it now?

        • @christa-sweet as a cotton candy cone at the fair! LMBAO!!! And i gotta admit i too thought he was sexy and straight UNTIL he “dated” jennifer lopez. Then i knew cuz you know all she messes with are gay dudes. Damn!!!!

          • Hello, Vermithrax173…I’ve been reading HSK consistently for about 3 monhts now. And I must say that you, keepnitrealkeepnitreal, crazychris, christa, and only a FEW others are my favorite posters! I look for y’all to see what y’all think about these current topics! LOL

            • @K.1985-thank you for the compliment! You made a black girl blush(and that is hard to do lol)! But i like it here for the same reasons and people. There is much intelligence here and that is food for the mind but none of it would be possible if not for jacky so don’t forget to thank him as well! Hope you will become a regular poster here. You can never have too many smart folks.

            • Thanx much. Im a lil older than most of the posters which often puts me at odds with gen x and y folk and the angry Huey types. I try to provide perspective Welcome

            • That was so nice of you to say K.1985. I am beyond flattered! I will look for your posts in the future too.
              You made my day.

  2. Usher is too busy waking up with Poof to care about Tameka. But then again, his own mother sacrificed his little boy body to the Industry in exchange for a percentage of his career…Thats why he likes to be around older women…He seeks the protection that was denied him when his own mother betrayed him and served him to Puff’s gay orgies.

  3. I love gay men…. You know why? We love the same thing, dick! Buff respect to the lavender crew!

    However, this woman beating pillow biter needs to come out the closet all ready! That Bradley Cooper bastard is a known woman hating fag! He beat is first wife to the point where she never mentions his name out loud!

    Zoe needs to learn that no self esteem is NOT a good look. A closeted man is a dangerous man. A man who is forced to be someone who he is not can care too shots about your or anyone else’s feelings. Run Zoe run! Being beaten and treated like shit is NOT normal. White always right. If you didn’t want some Cuban, Puertorican or Dominican beating your ass…. why in DE FUCK would you like this closeted limp dick white boy do you like that!

    • @Pink Kitty

      I dont know if you are black or whatever but black women need to stop bringing this sissies into our homes and communities. The gay lifestyle is anti family and unless they are a close family member, no one really wants to be around them except for black women.

      • Gays are no more anti-family than straight males who have dozens of children by dozens of women.

        • Gays can have zero children. Thats anti family by its very definition. Their only access to children is through the seduction of the abandoned children of normal people….But 40 gay people on an secluded island and come back in 60 years and see what you find.

          • Thanks. People are getting so wise these days that they are turning downright ignorant when it comes to the most basic facts….

            • @Anonymous 5:56 and Prinsex:

              Definitely cosign. We as black women are too tolerant of the gay boys wo secretly despise us

          • Gays certainly can have children. Keep up.

            PS: Put 40 straights on a secluded island and come back in 60 years and you wouldn’t find anything either. They’d have overpopulated the island, gone to war and then blown the place up.

      • Those ‘sissies’ are already in your communities. They are your brother, sister, the dude that delivered your 51st child, the shopkeeper, the mailman, etc.

        I would rather be around a community of gays than a mere one of you. You sound absolutely warped. The closet is basically in existence because of aggressive, ignorant people like you.

    • “I love gay men…. You know why? We love the same thing, dick! Buff respect to the lavender crew!”

      (SMH while sighing)

    • Some gay men like dick just like you and are racist as hell. Neo-Nazis, KKK , Gay Skinheads , Gay Republicans and Tea Baggers…All Gay . All Like Dick.

      Requirements into your friendship club seems to be a little porous. I suggest you upgrade your entrance exam for membership into your friendship clique .

      • This is not a race thing. The issue at hand is that Zoe, a straight woman has allowed Bradley, a closeted gay man treat her like shit. All in the name of bearding for this dude! She has to know that he is gay. Hell, I know he’s gay and I don’t reside in Hollywierd.

        As a straight woman I can identify with gay men to a point… hench the dick reference. The desire to remain in the closet still perplexes me, but I understand it to a degree, slightly. However, if remaining in the closet turns a man into a hateful violent muthafatha then, I have no love for those dudes.

        Zoe needs to wake the fuck up! As far as I know, she doesn’t take this from men of color. Why accept it from a man who is t even on your home team?!! Makes no sense at all!


            • @PinkKitty–Contrary to what their (Dominicans, Puerto-Ricans, Cubans, [And while we’re at it, Brazilians, some Venezuelans & Columbians]) self-hating asses would like the world to believe. I tell self-hating/Denial-ridden Hispanics all the time–‘What, ya’ll think the black slaves came to those islands and simply disappeared? EVERYBODY was fucking–That’s why your skin is light and your hair is wavy now.’ If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a self-hating black person–They’re beyond pathetic.

            • Who said she didn’t? It’s been common knowledge for years that she calls herself ‘Una Mujer Negra,’ or ‘A Black Woman (As if she COULD call herself anything else, considering her appearance)’–My post wasn’t directed at her at all, only at self-hating black Hispanics in general.

            • @ Raheim 12/4 13:10
              Where were you when I needed you? I made the mistake of revealing several months ago that my great, great, great,great grandfather was white. This was in the early 1800’s in New Orleans.My family tree since then has been all people of color. No one has married YT. But several unkind people here continue to refer to me as a mullata. I have always considered myself as Black as anyone. And I might add, if Blacks in this country (except the ones who have immigrated from Africa since the Civil War) thinks they have no white in their DNA they are in serious denial. Why do my own people rip me when we need to bind together? Black is Black in the eyes of YT folk. Why can’t we feel the same way about each other?

            • @Zoe does appear to be assimilating into the Euro(white) scoiety! Classic case of I need white to be right to improve my career.Once again if thats her attitude toss her to them! Let’s see how well she does! People forget color does matter so sad but true! If it walks like a duck and quack like a duck then guess what its a f-ing duck! If you can see the visible femine signs of sugafoot then wth is wrong with you Zoe Saldana? I know I got it.. she has cataracts and they are clouding her vision!

          • I’ve noticed that also!!! The last time she had a love interest in a movie who was black was in the movie “Drum Line”. And I have never heard about her dating a black man in real life!!! She is a typical “Sellout”!!!

  4. It is hard to fathom that these men are gay.. could this be a reason why some men mistreat women for no apparent reason. Because they are gay and in the closet.. Are they misdirecting their anger or something because they have to stay in the closet? Can someone explain this to me. And how can one tell if a man is a closet homo and using an unsuspecting female as his beard?? This theory is very interesting..and I understand it to some degree but I need to know the dynamics.

    • @Sher
      keepitrealnotkeepinitreal will be in to explain how it works after he finishes getting the morning coffee and donuts for his bosses and settles in for the day.

    • From experience, it seems most men who are closeted gays go for damaged women. I was 19 and doing terrible things when I met my ex. He would always encourage this, when I learned later that a man who loves you would never act this way. Took me 6 years, but I finally listened to my father….after having to be forced to leave. I found out he was gay when I just opened my eyes. The male roommate for 10 years, who he had threesomes with regularly…he wouldn’t let me move in despite our engagement while this man… was paying no rent. He would watch transsexual porn. Finally he got bolder than that and I found an ad for him searching for men on the Internet with an ad. My case was kind of obvious, but I was obsessed with marrying this type of man. So…I think the signs for most women are there, we just choose to ignore it, or we just don’t know any better.





      • I can def relate to you *BlackGirlinBerlin*. I am in my early 20’s and after leaving a 4 year relationship I decided to pursue my passion for modeling & fashion.
        After entering that industry it seems as though everyone i dated (2 guys)seemed to be LOCKED in the closet.
        The first guy (a model) was very effeminate but blamed it on a lack of a father & male role models while being the only child of an overbearing single mother. Though there were signs, I dismissed them and blamed them on the above excuse.
        #1 telling sign, he gossiped worse than any female I knew when it came to issues in our relationship.

        The 2nd guy (a photographer)was very manly & masculine. Not into appearance or anything dealing with fashion. Seemed very hetero, but there was something about him that would drive gay men crazy. Maybe secret eye signals or gestures that I overlooked, idk.
        One day I mentioned his affect on gay men and he started confessing being molested by his gay older brother as a kid and how that affected him but later in general convo started confessing about dates with gay men bc he was hurt by a woman, but he couldn’t go thru with it, and stories about Chicago’s gay bathhouses and how supposedly he was there to rob and ran into one of his friends there & caught him in the act…
        Many other signs that I wanted to ignore bc i didn’t see a future with this guy anyway. He was to serve as temporary entertainment, but unfortunately i ended up becoming pregnant my him & thats when the woman bashing REALLY began.

        My point is, for those above that were curious ladies always trust your intuition!! Sometimes the signs are not as bold as him posting gay sex ads but the signs are ALWAYS there.
        We choose to overlook them and end up scarred & damaged in the end.

    • @Sher-here are some surefire ways to tell if your potential man is a closeted gay: Does he seem inordinately preoccupied with fashion? In other words does he tell YOU what outfits to wear? Is he always well groomed, i mean ALWAYS? Does he take longer to get ready than you? And when you tell him to hurry up does he tell you this(his look) doesn’t just happen it takes time? Now you gotta be careful cuz you could be dealing with a metro sexual man ie a ryan seacrest type who is vain and likes to look good. It’s easy to mistake these men for gay men but truth be told some of them are so be careful. If he ever tells you he’s prettier than you even as a joke, for the love of father jehovah God-RUN!!!!! Now here are the can’t miss signs your man is gayer than rupaul’s drag race on cable. Have you ever come home and caught him watching porn-not regular porn-gay porn? Have you ever come home and the whole house reeks of ky jelly and you know you and him haven’t had sex in a long time? Does he have a male friend who is ALWAYS at your house-when you’re NOT at home? And does this male friend roll his eyes and suck his teeth at you? Does he make snide remarks under his breath about you and generally act like HE is your man’s woman? And finally have you ever kissed your man and tasted dick on his breath?(and as a woman that is a taste you should know VERY WELL!) If any or ALL of these things have occured well your man is gayer than richard simmons!!! Hope that helped you some.

      • Great and informative post.
        I think you hit it with warning no.1
        Any man, Black or white who is preoccupied with fashion and grooming is off the list of potential partners.
        Metrosexual my Black ass.

            • OH my father God, I look like the biggest idiot on the planet, and it is so unfair! There was a post, which has been removed, from a YT racist troll who stated that Black women like me need to interbreed with the YT man because all we are capable of producing with the QUOTE Gorillas UNQUOTE of our own race are so ugly. So I, responded by saying ‘scuse me while I go make a baby with a gorilla just to shut the troll down.
              Now I look like an asshole self hating sex freak. Why in Lawd’s name didn’t the moderator pull my response off too? It is completely without context and it is sickening.

              I apologize to anyone who read the remark and mistook my words. OMG. I am literally sickened.

              Crazy Chris, would you please do me a favor and let me know that you have read this correction?

        • Nothing to see here folks just some racist troll who fell off of Stormfront. Don’t kow why they searched out this website. Ummm…Jackie I think you need to start “blocking” folks AGAIN!!

          • Boomboomroom, you saw the original troll post that I responded to I know. You realize that I was attempting to shut his racist azz down by saying what I did about making a baby with a gorilla didn’t you?
            Well the moderators removed the troll’s post, but left my response as is, and now I look like a self loathing freak! If you have any love for a sista please verify what you read. I am literally in tears.

  5. Its sad, so many of these successful, beautiful and talented young bw are being betrayed and mistreated by these closeted gay men, white and black. But they stay attached because of fear of losing themselves and being forced to live a life alone. (i.e Beyonce, Rihnanna, Zoe, Hale, etc.) It sad, and yall know what Im talking about, you ever see Beyonce in a documentary start talking about Jay Z or see him walk into a room, that chick loses her damn mind. Thats not love thats fear of seperation anxiety. As @pinkkitty said no self esteem is not a good look. And I know this is off topic but I think thats why George Clooney refuses to settle down, hes too busy plotting to pry Brad from Angelina’s psycho coke-headed ass.

    • Lmao! George is too deep in the back of his chinchilla lined closet to ever come on out! He like Simon Cowell pays his beards very well to tow the line.

      Brad is bi he did what he had to do to get where he is. Brad Pitt gets too weak for pussy to be fully gay. George will be waiting a loooonnnnngggg time on Brad Pitt to be more than his ocassionally booty buddy.

      • Youre absolutely right and I also think that Brad feels too “trapped” by his situation for it to lead to anything more than that. He left Jennifer Aniston because she didnt want kids now he has 129 with an undercover red-neck hen peck. You get EXACTLY what you ask for in life when you deserve it, be it bad or good. He’s the male Katie Holmes if you ask me, but at least she was smart enough to make moves to leave, but Brad, naw that fool is bound to her and them bratty ass kids for eternity. Now I hear they secretly snuck off and got married over christmas. That lukewarm tea aint even worth drinking if you ask me @pinkkitty

        • Honey. It wasn’t tea. But your take on things is halarious! I never saw it that way. Brad is trapped and can’t leave…. Well, three if the kids are his biological children, so I doubt he would leave his own. The three she adopted… Well shrugs and wals away… But Brad can’t. Lol!

    • @reneeblack26-BUT only the stupid girls are doing that anymore. Have you noticed that more of these straight women are going outside of hollywood for mates? I think many of these women are beginning to wise up to the fact that there are few/no prospects for mates in hollywood. If you are a straight woman who is genuinely looking for a boyfriend hollyweird ain’t the place to be. I’ve noticed more of these women are dating/marrying men with nine to fives not the movie star types. Gotta be irritating to be in a town where the majority of men want the same thing you do-a man. Smdh.

  6. Cooper always hooks up with the flavor of the month. Remember when he was with Renee? I think Jennifer Lawrence shot him down. It’s all about image for Coop.

    • It’s about which female actress’s career has the most “heat” at the time. That insures him plenty of pap
      coverage which raises his profile in turn.
      Jennifer Lawrence was on fire after The Hunger Games, so he made a bee line for her. She is young and talented so she wasn’t havin it. Renee Zellweger’s career has cooled considerably since she married Kenny “the bottom” Chesney for a minute.
      So, it IS all about image.

  7. This relationship is all about business, for the both of them. I don’t look at Zoe as a victim but rather a willing participant. She knows what’s up. Some men have gay face, and he’s one of them.

    • What do you mean by having gay face in his particular situation. I dont understand, could you explain it to me?

      • There are some men who look sweet. You can tell by their facial expressions and mannerisms that they’re gay. Thus the term gay face. Any queen can fill you in.

      • Might I add, if you saw Trump’s latest season of “The Apprentice”, you will see that Arsenio Hall has acquired a severe case of “gayface”.

  8. These chicks are so delusional…Always thinking that women are just innocent victims when its usually the furthest thing from reality.

    Zoe is in the outskirts of the inner circle of the heavy rotation now and she is probably a homosexual herself and she is still paying her dues. She’s bearding for future consideration for roles and to maintain her spot as second or third choice to get roles that real black women should be getting…

    She’s a Hollywood hoe…Shes not a victim…Shes not in love…She probably eats more pussy than Peter Pan. She’s obviously not the greatest actress but the mulatto image is what they are pushing now and she stepped up and is doing what she needs to do to maintain in the good graces of the President of Hollywood.

    • I agree with a lot of what you said, so that leads me to ask this question for everyone to pitch in with an answer for

      “After becoming a beard unwillingly/ willingly does that leave more hollywood starlets/artists to become homosexual themselves? Does doing so help them to stay relevant and perhaps open to future beard opportunities? What does the woman get out of this deal if she is a willing beard and straight herself?

        • Oh no I believe you I just wanted to pose that question to get peoples opinions,
          But you know I just never would have thought that SHE was gay, and my gaydar is ususally on point but I guess at the same time Ive never really paid her any attention anyways, shes barely a household name and only started getting credibility recently. I think 90% of industry men are gay/bi/dl and 90% of the famous women they date are crazy/drug addicts/insecure because of it, but according to Frued no one is sane or straight, not 100% anyways

        • That song had me crackin’ up. Never heard it til now. But tell you what, those Miracles looked AC/DC as we use to say about bisexuals.

          BTW, that Pres. of Hollywood is hilarious!

      • What she gets out of the deal is more exposure. She becomes a more trusted insider and can beard for bigger named men. She may be able to keep her own side piece and of course, must keep him on the hush (depending on her agreement).

        If she continues to beard for the right men, she will get bigger roles. It is no secret that most stars, male or female have to give up the goods to get out on. This rule applies to both adults and child stars.

        If Zoe does well, she may even marry and have children with the man she is bearding for, ala Tom Cruise’s ex and John Travolta’s wife.

        • THE most powerful man in Hollywood. The others are not even close.
          see: Gallin, Tisch, Rudin, Davis, Iovine….

          Diller is second, but since he has expanded into more of a communications/tech area, he isn’t really in the competition now.(he was CEO of Paramount and Fox at different times. Mr. Burns on the Simpsons was based on Diller. Because Diller controlled Fox at that time he went apeshit over the unflattering portrayal. But Matt Groening, the creator of TS) gave the ultimatum: no Burns, no Simpsons. Even Diller couldn’t give up that cash cow.

      • Honestly, it’s common knowledge.
        I wish I could say I had an inside track on this, but I don’t.

  9. Heres a question for everyone to brew on answer and @anonymous gave me some great insight on it I just wanna know what everyone else thinks too

    “After becoming a beard unwillingly/ willingly does that leave more hollywood starlets/artists to become homosexual themselves? Does doing so help them to stay relevant and perhaps open to future beard opportunities? What does the woman get out of this deal if she is a willing beard and straight herself?”

    • Beards are paid that’s why they beard. Hopefully they can use their newfound connections to drum up some work.

    • Most beards are female and they are gay too. It’s a win/win situation. Examples: Will and Jada, John Travolta and Kelly Preston, Tom Cruise and whoever, Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana, George Clooney and whoever, etc. Bearding has been going on for decades. The studios promote bearding to protect their stars. They won’t even let you in Hollyweird if you are not gay. They are all one big confused, hedonistic society.

  10. Personally, I believe this was a business arrangement made to generate publicity for the movies that they just recently released.
    Nothing more. Nothing less.

    As far as the whole beard thing, most people in hollyweird are opportunist who are willing to do ANYTHING for that right opportunity.

    Please don’t think that these relationships are one-sided, they DO get their own supply of punny and/or ding a ling, not to mention presents, attention, & money for their cooperation.
    The comic says it best.
    “Make you do something strange for a piece of change”

  11. I see her going the way of Irene Cara anyway. She was everywhere in the 70s and early 80s but just disappeared into thin air shortly after crossing over.

  12. It could be as simple as Bradley’s most recent comments regarding Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake getting married. Bradley commented that Jessica was the “one who got away”. Ouch! What took Zoe so long. As soon as those words hit the press, I’d have been out the door! Who knows, he may say the same thing when Jennifer Anniston gets married. Once these ladies are permanently committed in marriage, it is safe to say such a thing without them coming back, knocking on his door.

    • Are ya sure that he didn’t say that Timberlake was the one who got away(from him)?”

      Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake may represent the most perfectly matched marriage of convenience since Big Willie and Jada.
      JT has a bf of 18 years, Trace Ayala, and she is a well known lez. They will produce a turkey baster baby or two, and everyone will get what they want.

  13. Yall know Zoe was getting paid to be his beard. This was planned from the get go since she starred in Avatar. Thats the difference, white folks pay women big bucks to cover for them (most of the time they don’t even have to sleep with those men), but my brothers, I hate to say it they are cheap (exception Kanye, Russell & Eddie). They want a woman to be on their arms but don’t want to pay and have the nerve to expect the women to sleep with them knowing they don’t like women. I don’t understand. Brothers quit being cheap and just pay.

  14. Man Jacky out of 69 comments only 16 made it on that’s crazy! Seems like yo site has changed for the worse! Please don’t become a mto! I found your site two years ago and it opened my eyes to so much now it seem like you giving me watered down flavor aid!! Come on Jacky!

      • Hello Mr. Jasper, I’m trying to break into the radio industry as a start until I get to achieve work as a professional movie script screenwriter. Can you help me please, how do I get started? (My twitter name is OliveBranchScr). Thank you if you can help.

        • K.1985 Why don’t you write a personal note to Jacky, since he may or may not see this.
          At the top of the home page hit on Tell Jacky. I also have his email addy so I will try to dig that up for you if you want to be sure HE sees it and not one of his employees. Good Luck!!

  15. I’ve been reading HSK consistently for about 3 months now. And I must say that vermithrax173, keepitrealnotkeepinitreal, crazychris, christa, pinky kitty, nba is fixed, anonymous (that was talking about Usher, not these other ‘fake & don’t make any sense’ ones), and only a FEW others are my favorite posters! I look for y’all to see what y’all think about these current topics! LOL

  16. I don’t know what makes me more mad, that she ain’t beardin’ for a fine white boy or that she is beardin’ at all.

    So many of these men in media today give off that vibe of being so “metrosexual”, “prissy”. There ain’t a damn thing sexy about this boy.

    I think this is more than beardin’. This is a marketing ploy to get the black audience to go to see their movies, I mean, after all, “he does have a black girlfriend”. Chile, please.

    • Kimmy

      You must be a dog lover…You got a dog living with you at home dont you?. Because Bradley looks like shaved dog.

      • @ anonymous-a shaved dog? You better check that photo again. He looks like a wolf-a big hairy gay ass wolf! I can see it now-some man is walking through the woods after dark and here he comes. He jumps out from behind a tree and says in his best men on film from in living color voice-“I’m gonna bite you in the ass, grrrrrrrrrrr!” Ugggh!! I’ve had this story in my head since yesterday and i just gotta ask and i don’t know how else to ask it-when did pussy go out of style? I mean i just look at some of these men today and think-really?!! You would rather be with some hairy back hard leg sweaty basketball player smelling man than ME? My sisters(black, white and otherwise) we are losing our men and i don’t get why. And it ain’t just in hollyweird-there are two sexy ass men who work at my job and to a woman me and my co workers have said either one could get it. One is white and the other is black and they are both sweeter than a warehouse full of cake frosting. Where are we as women going wrong when a man who looks like george clooney would rather be with another man than one of us?(and yes i a black woman i find a white man attractive, i prefer black men but i am equal opportunity and if you don’t like it to quote my sister tisme-go to hell!) Anyhoo-am i alone in wondering about this? I know the women at my job had a long conversation about it but thoughts were varied. Just askin’.

      • Anonymous
        Uhhhh, damn, I just stated an opinion I didn’t say I wanted to marry the guy as stated ” I’m NOT into white men but think he’s nice to look at ” just because my opinion doesn’t level with yours don’t mean shit to me….it’s called an OPINION! you really need to sit & sip some tea under some shade & cool out!

        • @Kimmy-jesus it was a joke. Get a sense of humor. I didn’t insult you or your opinion in any way so what you said was completely uncalled for. And no one said you had to agree with me. I could be nasty back to you like you were to me but i won’t. Have a nice day!

          • @kimmy-ooooooo i am sorry i thought you were talking to me. I saw reply and thought it was at what i said. Apology!!!! Please don’t be angry at me.

  17. @vermithrax
    You can give your equal opportunity pussy to anyone you please and I say that as a black man.

    You lost me when you call white women your sisters…Any black woman that make such a statement is confused as to how the system of racism works…White women are firm partners in racism with their faggy white counterparts as it pertains to black people…If you think anything different you are very mislead.

    • Agreed 100% about the faux sistahood between black women and white women. Gloria Steinem (CIA operative), Hugh Hefner spearheaded the womans liberation movement to destroy the family order and family unity…Black women were conned into becoming apart of that in most circles thinking that white women were their SISTAS….couldnt be further from the truth…White women in the 1960’s were not fighting to put an end to racism and white illegal subjugation of black people…White women were fighting white men to get a more equitable piece of the global white hegemony pie…Thats all that was…White women wanted a bigger cut of the take and they tricked black women into walking with them and all they were doing was helping to destroy the black family and their own black sons .

      The worst and most vile racists you can ever find in america is a white lesbian and a white male homosexual…

      • @both anonymous-Wow tag teamed i’ve never had that happen before!! What i thought was a little throw away post seems to have struck a nerve-or at least two anyway. Well since you both had such strong opinions on what i said rather than answer you each per post i will answer you both together in the same post. I have a tendency to be a bit long winded but hang on to your hats cuz i might set a length record today lol! @anonymous 00:06-well the beginning of your post was harsh! Is that how you really feel? Did i offend you in admitting that i have had white boyfriends? Well i thought we were here to give our honest opinions and i don’t think we can do that if we aren’t honest about who we are. I love my black men but it seems these days ya’ll don’t have much use for us other than calling us bitches and hoes. And all of you don’t do that but it sure seems like a large majority considering how much i hear it in music and on the streets. It amazes me how men of other cultures seem to recognize our beauty yet our own men seem to just hate us and i don’t understand why. Are there no good women out there and do they give ya’ll a hard way to go? Yep! No argument there but why do all of us have to suffer for the actions of a dumb few? I consider myself to be a quality black woman and if i do say so myself a good catch! I am fairly intelligent(i am no genius by any stretch) woman and i have been told i have a pleasant personality. As far as looks go that is subjective, beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all but i will admit to anyone that while i am no beauty queen i have been told that i’m an attractive woman. Now here is the thing being a plus size/bbw woman i am routinely stunned at how many non black men compliment me on my looks and figure. A lot of times the only “compliments”i get from MY black bruthas are how big my ass is and how much they wanna do me. So while i love my black men and prefer you if you aren’t checking for me for the most part and a man of another race is well i am not going to let all this lucious go to waste waiting on one of you!!! As for my calling white women sisters-yes i did but note i said sister NOT sistah! Sister says that we are bonded as human women which to an extent we are. Now Sistah denotes a bond, a kinship which no we do not have with white women. Trust me i am all too aware of that! When you look at the old history book pics of the suffragettes(women who were marching and protesting for the right to vote) who is notably absent? US!!! And not just black women but women of color in general. White women have a history in this country of fighting for theirs but not ours like gloria steinem(but i will get to her in a minute). As for my dating white men do i apologize for it? No. Do i find some white men attractive? Yes. Does it make me less of a black woman to date a white man? No cuz in the end it didn’t change me. My eyes didn’t turn blue, my hair didn’t turn blonde and my skin didn’t turn white. Same black gal before and after. So as a black woman should i not date white men cuz they’re white? Well wouldn’t that be the same as a white man not dating me cuz i’m black? Two sides same coin. I treat people as individuals-if you are nice to me i am nice back and the flipside also applies. If you choose to hate me cuz you feel i am tarnished, sullied or ruined well that is your choice BUT remember this-you don’t know what i look like so one day you may see some thick thighed, big booty girl walking down the street and decide to holla. And it could be ME! So if you got to know me and liked my personality and found me physically attractive would you not want me anymore cuz you found out i had dated white guys? If so well that would be your loss and hopefully other bruthas don’t share your view. But i ain’t mad atcha!*smile* @anonymous 6:13-GLORIA STEINAM AND HUGH HEFNER? REALLY?!! Boy you went to jurassic park to dig up those two dinosaur bones didn’t you!!! Gloria is typical of white women who care ONLY about white women! And don’t be fooled sistahs didn’t buy into glo and her bullshit cuz many knew old glo was just a man hating lesbian! Black women knew she didn’t care about us hell george carlin a popular WHITE comedian at the time said as much! Look at those NOW and women’s lib pics and you will see very few black women at those rallies!! As for hugh hefner -black women couldn’t work in his playboy clubs back in the day and he didn’t put a black girl in playboy until the late 70’s so his viewpoint towards black women is well known. So in conclusion those are my thoughts on what you both said and if you both choose to dislike me well that is your choice. Like my granny used to say-everybody ain’t gonna like you. That is all.

        • I love ur posts but Im curious why u dated multiple white guys? That is clearly an unequal relationship. I tease on here about when you swirl u dont meet mama but in reality the problem is with “meeting mama” being ur goal. Ive known so many women who only want to get knocked up a white dude to have a light baby. If ur goal is not to walk down the aisle with a guy ur sleeping with how is that different than a guy sleeping with multiple partners? I dont mean any offense but it just seems to me that swirling with a dude that commented on ur beauty but has no intention of making u his wife is too much like slave/master for my taste. I ask this of sistas who have gone to the yt well multiple times so pls dont be offended. The ladies here speak very harshly of BM who have random sex and worse of those banging Beckys. U have not indicated u were engaged to any of those yt dudes so it begs the question what was ur motivation? Relationships are only equal when both parties have something at stake. Bangin a yt dude when u dont go home for Thanksgiving and Xmas is not equal. Ur seem too intelligent for that treatment. Why?

          • Maybe she just was horny…Men can be horny and fuck what they think look good so why do women need some grand master plan just to get their nut off too?

          • @keepitreal-okay you hit me with a lot so let me go thru it. If i miss anything let me know. First me being with a white man is not an unequal relationship cuz i’m the one with the vagina so i have all the power. Kool moe dee once said in a roundabout way just about everything a man does he does for a woman. So if a man courts me/woos me/dates me he is trying to impress me with the intention of having sex. It’s not a knock against men but let’s keepit real(pun intended)that’s the endgame. Now i may have other attributes you enjoy-a sparkling personality, intelligence, a good sense of humor and we may like the same movies and music. But in the end you want sex right? Ok so no matter what color in that regard ALL men are alike and that’s not a bad thing but it’s who you are as men. And i’m not speaking that terri mcmillan man hating shit cuz i was raised by a man so i think i have a little more insight on men than the average woman who got all her info on men from her mother. As for me being with a white man or any man for that matter simply cuz he complimented me on my looks well quite naturally there is more to it than that. I have to like you personally as well as be physically attracted to you and should feel i have an idea as to who you are before anything sexual takes place. And i have no children so the theory about getting knocked up by a white guy doesn’t apply here. BUT sadly i do know females who have done it and to me that is shameful on more levels than i can count. And “meeting mama”or getting married has NEVER been my endgame with any man of any color. If it happens great but i refuse to be one of these women who thirst to be someone’s wife. I have my own identity and am quite content to be and remain a single woman. As to what was my motivation-well to date and have fun of course and yes to have sex(like you men) cuz i do have sexual needs that i want fulfilled from time to time! I am not a slut-i have only had sex with 12 men and of those 4 were white and considering my age(which i will not give here but you should be able to get an idea of from our conversations) i think that is admirable. Also i have always stated i have no issue with black men dating white women as long as it is not about thinking white women are better than us. When i dated white men i didn’t do it cuz i thought they were better than black men cuz that’s just ignorant but we both know black men and women who think that(at least i assume you do cuz i know i do). And as for me sleeping with men who i won’t share thanksgiving or xmas dinner with i just have one question-have you had thanksgiving or xmas dinner with EVERY woman you slept with? Well? I’m waiting. I’d be willing to bet the answer is no so if that standard doesn’t apply to you don’t try to apply it to me mr i would do mariah”crazier than a soup sandwhich”carey! Lol! As for me being offended by the things you asked-why would i be? I have no problem being honest about me.(Except for my age cuz that ain’t none of your business!! All you need to know is i am grown! I’m probably the same age as you! ROTFL!!!) But i like talking to you so never worry about asking me questions. Just don’t ask too damn many!! Lol!!!

            • Vermithrax, that may be the best post I have ever read. You covered every single point without resorting to cliches, cheap shots or undue sarcasm. I am printing it to copy for all my close gf’s who need to read it.

              I am completely out of pocket here, but inappropriate observations are my forte’. I think any man would be beyond blessed to call you his woman, regardless of race; BUT I think as intellectual, philosophical equals, you and Keepitreal would make an amazing pair. js

      • @ anonymous Just so you know, I don’t have a boatload of lesbian friends, but the ones I do have are all mixed couples.

        • @christa

          just for the record, remember that Strom Thurmond , Thomas Jefferson and Jack Nicolson had sex with black women and they’re racist views still remained very much intact,inclusive of the black person they were using as a semen receptacle.

          Black chicks are hot…Even racists want one sometimes.

          • Dont mistake the ability to use someone as a cum dumpster with someone who actively seeks to replace this present unjust system with a system of justice….

            Thats like when a prostitute gets confused and mistakes an orgasm with love…

            Thats where a competent pimp must step in and get their minds right and let them remember what track they’re really working and at what time the train leaves the station.

          • Can’t dispute that. Although the hopeless romantic in me honestly believes that TJ truly loved Sally Hemmings, and I believe she loved him.
            I doubt you will agree, but I studied TJ with great interest when in college. Partly because I attended the University of Virginia, but also because I was fascinated by the “before it’s time” love affair between the two. And please don’t tell me their relationship was simply a YT slave owner raping a beautiful African girl. Their’s was a relationship much like the one my Great, Great, Great Grandmama had with a Frenchman in New Orleans in the early 1800’s. He immediately freed her, and then had a family of 7 which he claimed and gave his surname to. I cannot say whether she truly loved him, or whether she was choosing what she felt was a better life than that of a servant. But they were together until his death, so their likely was some mutual affection.
            TJ’s time with Sally was much more complicated. New Orleans accepted the “arrangements” of Quadroons and Frenchmen, hence the creation of the French Quarter for their second families. Virginia was much less liberal, plus their time was years earlier when it would have been even more taboo. And the biggest hindrance of all was his political career. But we all know that he took Sally to Paris for a very extended stay. And I believe that had he been able, he would have chosen her over his loveless marriage.

      • Thank you Anonymous 6:13 for that piece of information that is no longer being taught to our folks.

        Every black man when I was growin’ up was told, a white woman will GET YOU KILLED.

        This country was never about equity. They are using the gay rights agenda to put us all back in chains.

        @Vermithrax: you have good things to say, but please research the women’s sufferage movement at the beginning of the 20th century with respect to the black folks struggle, how they treated a black sorority named Delta Sigma Theta, how they fought against the right of black men to vote so that they could get the vote first, etc.

        • @anonymous 18:38-ok i looked up delta sigma theta and thank you for that by the way but tell me where i misspoke. When you see pics of suffragettes in history books you don’t see black women in them or any women of color for that matter. And i am trying to discern what info you obtained which made you believe they were treated well cuz in mine it said and i quote: Black female marchers were subjected to racism not only by people who were opposed to enfranchisement for women but by march organizers as well. So simply put they may have participated but they were not welcomed or wanted. And as far as the suffragettes treatment of black men again where was i wrong? They didn’t fight for black men to vote the same way they didn’t care about black women and considering black men and women didn’t get the right to vote until AFTER white women again i ask where did i misspeak? But those things aside i appreciate the heads up on delta sigma theta. This is why i love coming here-intelligent posters. So you must not be one of the ones who msgd me uptop. There are too many anonymous’ on hsk and i cant tell one from the other. Lol!!!

          • Hi vermithrax

            Im anonymous #9

            Please consider this link to the Planned Parenthood Origins(Its important because 1915 was about the same era as the so-called SUFFragettes or whatever they were called…
            See what Maragaret Sanger and her buddies were not trying to eradicate the system set up by their white sons and fathers but enhance it and become a greater partner in it.


          • @vermithrax:

            Hi it’s me Anonymous 18:38. Isn’t it wild what they did to the Deltas. That alone is why I don’t trust them (not all of course) because we are not even bonded to them as humans because they want to mentally castrate black men and use their dicks to get ahead. We are left weaker as women because our men are no longer beside us. Furthermore, Steinem and Hefner are actively on duty to destroy the souls of all women especially women of color. It is very important to point out that white women are not only fighting to be equal to white men, but they are fighting to destroy other women of color. However, they don’t use a sword, but they use guile. They are soldiers nonetheless. But otherwise, yes, I agree with you.

            • @anonymous 18:38-nothing in what i read about the deltas surprised me. History is filled with women like gloria steinem who claim to be for the betterment of women until it pertains to women of color then their attitude changes. We have never had a kinship with white women cuz they have never seen us as equals. We are beneath them in their eyes. Now we are good enough to clean their houses, raise their children and cook their meals but we are not sisters to them or to some of them i should say cuz not all white women are like that. I have a white girlfriend that i have known since high school and i love her dearly and she me. Will we ever have it with them? It may not be possible but we shall see. But regardless if we do or don’t black women need to be about their business of making sure we get where we need to go cuz trust and believe white women are gonna make sure they get theirs.

  18. Whats gayface? Are yall looking at the same pic up top i am? Str8 men dont grin. We smile or laugh.

      • Seriously SMH, Black men are so enamored with White flesh that I think THEY THINK Black women are too!! Just because YOU COONS see White is the ultimate trophy doesn’t mean that Black women see it like that!!

  19. It is a business. The actress Kate Bosworth or Boswell whatever her name is. She is a famous beard for every actor. So whomever SHE DATES just know that that dude is FLAMIN!!

  20. I don’t have a problem with gay people at all. I have read on other blogs than they were bearding for each other. This relationship was created by both of their PR firms. Zoe is bisexual but I think she prefers ladies the majority of the time and Anderson Cooper is GAY just like Zac Effron, Tom Cruise, Jake Glynehall (whatever his last name is), John Travolta, etc.. Zoe knew what she was getting into. White men stay in the closet until their PR firm tells them they can come out of the closet or if the celebrity has had enough of Hollywood telling them that they will cost the studio money and loose millions of fans if they come out of the closet. I also read and believe that Taylor Luther (the werewolf from the Twlight series) wanted to come out of the closet but his PR/Management company basically told him NO for finacial reasons. So they set him up with Taylor Swift and other women which did not last too long because he loves DICK!!!

  21. @ Natalie. You are so right, Hollywood does set up dates/relationships for men and women in the closet. Look at John Legend and his beard?? Had to think about that one right?? LOL. Believe me when I say that some of these women, especially the ones who marry and/or are in a long term relationship with these closeted men, are aware of their sexual orientation because they are paid to keep their mouths shut. They might be paid by the actor in question up front or in a written contract which specifically states what they can’t and can do while in the relationship. They go along with the “fake relationship” for the money involved and the “beginning of another bearding relationship” for the next celebrity in need of an attractive woman who knows how to keep her mouth SHUT!! Some of you need to bear in mind that it is harder for black celebrities to come out of closet. Look at Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett, P. Diddy, Dr. Dre, Usher, Trey Songs, etc.. On the other hand, look at the white celebrities who have came out of the closet publicly with no type of backlash from Hollywood and/or their fans. The mother from Family Ties, Neil Patrick Harris (Dougie Houser, MD)Ricky Martin, Ellen DeGeneres, Sara Gilbert (Darlene from RoseAnne)the guy from American Horror Story with the thick eyebrows and he was also in that Star Trek movie. Anyway, my point is that Hollywood or the black community will not support black celebrities coming out of the closet which is why the majority of them whether male or female stay in the closet!

  22. Bwahhhhh at theses comments. 100% of men in Hollywood are gay really? Well if there isn’t a gay rumor following you then you haven’t made it. Hollywood is to racist to start having black breads plus ain’t no black women going to agree with that. Plus Zoe sprunged over Bradley. Have it ever accursed that Bradley didn’t want to walk an red carpet with a black women. Now that’s bad PR. Also how you know she got low self esteem. Have you ever had an conversation with Zoe. It obv she like white peen but does that make her self hating. I’ve never heard her bash black men and she consider herself black so.